Fun Sex Positions to Spice Things Up - Sofa Sex

By Mary Smith. Updated: May 7, 2019
Fun Sex Positions to Spice Things Up - Sofa Sex

Sex is one of the most basic and important pillars of a relationship. However, when time passes within a relationship, sex between two couples can become routine and somewhat mundane. In this case, we recommend spicing up your sex life with new and innovative sexual postures and positions! One of the most comfortable and pleasant alternatives to having sex in a bed is sofa sex and your options are practically endless.

For more about the best sofa sex positions to guarantee a climax, keep reading here at oneHOWTO. In addition, we’ve attached some pictures and interesting names to spice up the fun!

Sofa sex position: ‘‘Face to face’’

This sofa sex position requires the man to sit on the sofa with the girl sitting on-top facing him. Start with a smooth and slow pace and as you both become more heated, speed it up. In this position, the woman has more control, but best believe the man will also feel optimal pleasure.

Fun Sex Positions to Spice Things Up - Sofa Sex - Sofa sex position:  ‘‘Face to face’’

Sofa sex pose: ‘‘Extra play ’’

The man should lie down flat on his back horizontally across the sofa (he can place one foot on the floor for extra support). The woman should sit on top of his penis, but facing his feet. If there is not enough space, she can also place one foot on the floor. This position will guarantee deep penetration and an interesting penis position for the man. In addition, the woman can play with his testicles to add extra stimulation while moving on top of him.

Sofa sex position Position: ‘‘ Punish me ’’

In this position, the woman should sit on the sofa with her hands over her head and her back well attached to the back of the sofa. Then, the male should place himself between her legs grabbing her by the waist while entering her. Not only is this position great for penetration, but it’s also great for both to enjoy some pleasurable oral sex!

Sofa sex position: '' Missionary on the cushion ''

Looking for a super passionate sex position? If so, this one is for you. The woman should place herself on the side of the sofa and lean face down over the edge. Once she is ready, the male can enter her from behind. In addition, the man can also lift her legs up around his waist for deeper penetration.

Sex position: '' The frog ''

In this sex position, the male should sit in the chair with his back well placed on the backrest. Then, the girl should sit on top facing him with her legs hooked over his shoulder. Once well positioned, the man should grab her waist for better synchronized movement. Not only does this position allow for eye contact, but it also guarantees powerful orgasms for both involved!

Fun Sex Positions to Spice Things Up - Sofa Sex - Sex position: '' The frog ''

Sex position: '' The butterfly on the couch ''

To really enjoy this sofa sex position, you need to make sure you have a large sofa to work with. The, the man will sit on the sofa, with his legs stretched out, and then the girl will sit on top of him. Once both well position, the woman should use her legs to move up on down on the man’s penis while the man fondles her breasts. Not only is this a pleasurable sex position, but it’s also a great form of exercise!

Sex position: ''42 ''

For this sexual position, the man should sit on the edge of the sofa and open his legs. The woman will then sit facing him on her knees and the man can enjoy! For more great oral sex tips, read here about sex position 42.

Fun Sex Positions to Spice Things Up - Sofa Sex - Sex position: ''42 ''
Image: CollegeHumor

Sofa sex position: '' selfless''

For this sex position, the man should lie on the sofa horizontally with his back slightly elevated. The woman will then lie on top of him face-up, the other way around. She will then open her legs so that the man can offer her pleasurable oral sex while she lays there and enjoys!

For more, read about sex position ‘68’.

Fun Sex Positions to Spice Things Up - Sofa Sex - Sofa sex position: '' selfless''

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Fun Sex Positions to Spice Things Up - Sofa Sex
Image: CollegeHumor
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Fun Sex Positions to Spice Things Up - Sofa Sex

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