How Are Aquarius In Bed

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How Are Aquarius In Bed

Have you ever asked how is an Aquarius in bed? We'll tell you all about the Aquarius personality so you'll know what to expect. They're social, friendly and quite eccentric people. Although it's an air sign, on a sexual level they're unpredictable. They like to flirt and they have a unique natural charm that make them irresistible. At we'll explain how are Aquarius in bed and you're sure to be surprised.

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Aquarius is a very demanding sign

If an Aquarius has set their eyes on you it's because you have already meet their demanding expectations. One thing that characterises an Aquarius is their distinctive attraction to intelligence. Not only do they care about physical attraction, but also intellectual attraction. If you have caught the attention of an Aquarius, get ready for an exciting sexual adventure.

Aquarius is an astrological sign that likes both security and freedom

Aquarians are drawn to security and sharing happy moments of intimacy. They don't like anyone to restrict their freedom and like to maintain their own space. The less you overpower an Aquarius, the better the sex life will be. For this astrological sign, the more freedom they have, the better lovers they will be.

How Are Aquarius In Bed - Aquarius is an astrological sign that likes both security and freedom

Aquarius is a very creative sign

Aquarius is very creative on a sexual level, and has no taboos. As a sexual partner they're not possessive, which makes them very open. They consider sex, of course, and love to enjoy it to the maximum. They even like to have sex with friends, because they feel very comfortable in these types of situations. They try to avoid any misunderstandings.

Aquarius is a very original sign

If there's a word that defines the sex life of an Aquarius it's their originality. They like imaginative sex, they love to play, and they're concerned about being and feeling attractive. They tend to be rogues, they like role playing and they enjoy being misled. They don't like secrecy, nor a timid attitude. To enjoy sex with an Aquarius you must have a direct attitude and not prolong things.

Aquarius is a very sexual sign

Aquarius are always ready for sex. They're very sexually active, and get turned on relatively easily. So with few stimuli, you're sure to have a good time in bed with an Aquarius. They're very hedonistic, apart from being able to provide great pleasure, they also expect their partner to be imaginative and meet their needs.

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How Are Aquarius In Bed
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How Are Aquarius In Bed

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