What Are Taurus like in Bed? Everything you Need to Know!

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: November 15, 2018
What Are Taurus like in Bed? Everything you Need to Know!

The zodiac divides humans into 12 zodiac signs and has established characteristics for each that define and distinguish them from others. In the case of the Taurus sign, these people are known for being hard workers, homey, calm, loyal, persistent and sensual.

Taurus is not the most erotic zodiac sign, however it is at the top of the list for those who enjoy good sex. The Taurus is not one to submit to fantasies or be very creative during sexual encounters, but like every sign, they have their own special charm. Want to know what it is? Read this oneHOWTO article to find out what a Taurus is like in bed.

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  1. Confortable and cosy
  2. Leaders
  3. Show them new aspects of sex
  4. Being seductive with Taurus
  5. Get turned on by satisfaction
  6. Being confident with Taurus
  7. Foreplay lovers

Confortable and cosy

The first thing you should know about what Taurus are like in bed, is that this sign is very traditional. Adventures, non-programmed encounters and crazy moments are not included in their fantasies. A Taurus loves comfort and convention. They are not ones to experiment with many positions, but they usually know what they like and go for what's safe.


Is Taurus a bad lover? Not at all. A Taurus favors what is traditional in bed because it allows them to do what they love most: take control. If you want to know what Taurus are like in bed, understand that they are one of those lovers who like to take control, lead the encounter and make it clear that they have the power because they take pride in this and are defined by this characteristic. Therefore, it is likely that a one night stand with Taurus won't be the craziest, but it will be the most surprising.

Show them new aspects of sex

Although the dominance of a Taurus in bed can be very exciting, you will usually need to help them to change their routine in bed. Taurus' sexual partner may try to take the initiative and be stopped in their tracks; in these cases you'll have to teach them that there are other ways that they can feel pleasure and satisfaction. The key to making sure Taurus doesn't take these changes badly is to surprise them little by little, one change at a time and nothing too abrupt.

What Are Taurus like in Bed? Everything you Need to Know! - Show them new aspects of sex

Being seductive with Taurus

Another characteristic of a Taurus in bed is that they like seduction during sex. In the case of men, they love flirty lingerie, suggestive clothing and clothes that leave a lot to the imagination. In the case of women, they love seducing, foreplay and extending penetration so that their partner feels ultimate pleasure. Make sure you read our article on how to seduce a Taurus for more information.

Get turned on by satisfaction

Generally, Taurus men and women have something that drives them crazy in bed. In most cases this is related to their ability to give pleasure: they also enjoy and get excited from witnessing their partner climax. For that reason, Taurus are often an indulgent lovers, who are not satisfied until their partner is.

What Are Taurus like in Bed? Everything you Need to Know! - Get turned on by satisfaction

Being confident with Taurus

With a Taurus, it is important to convey as much confidence in bed as possible, because a misstep can make them lose their passion. To achieve this, you need to know where they like to be touched, how they like to be treated and what turns them on, because knowing these details can help to stimulate them, a favor they will certainly return.

Foreplay lovers

Another thing that will define Taurus in bed is their love for foreplay. They will like to take their time to get intimate and close to their partner, so the best way to make sex a satisfactory and vibrating experience is to spend as much time needed on games and foreplay before coitus.

What Are Taurus like in Bed? Everything you Need to Know! - Foreplay lovers

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What Are Taurus like in Bed? Everything you Need to Know!