How Are Virgos in Love?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 23, 2022
How Are Virgos in Love?

Like all earth signs, Virgos require security and confidence to open their heart and show their true feelings. They never show their passion in public or give their partner a full 100%, until they're sure it's the right person. People born under this sign tend to be overly cautious, logical and reasonable, traits that lead them to be guided more by common sense and reason than by their heart or passion. However, when they trust the person they're with, they're very thoughtful and generous and are always ready to help with whatever their partner needs. If you want to learn about how Virgos are in love, then read this OneHowTo article.

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Virgos are people who need to rely on their partner to show their love and surrender themselves completely. And to gain that trust, they require the facts. Words mean very little to Virgos, so if you want to seduce a Virgo you must do so with your actions, but always using caution and patience. Winning a Virgo's heart isn't easy, you have to take the initiative and be very explicit in your actions. Take a look at how to know if a Virgo woman is interested in you if you're not sure if you stand a chance of winning her heart.


Once Virgos trust and feel completely safe with their partner, they become very thoughtful and caring of them. Always willing to help in any way, Virgos don't miss anything related to the needs, tastes and desires of their loved one. They take an interest in everything that concerns their partner and therefore, it's not surprising that they ask all sorts of questions, not out of curiosity but out of interest and concern.

How Are Virgos in Love? - Step 2

Virgo is the most loyal and faithful sign of the zodiac. When in a couple, they give their all and would never be unfaithful or disloyal. Of course, they also demand this fidelity and loyalty of their partner and don't tolerate deception or lies. Virgos in love are completely sincere and are very demanding people, sometimes too much. They're used to asking a lot of their partner and focusing on all of their faults, even when they're of no importance. To understand the behaviour of Virgos in love, it's necessary know the personality traits that most characterise them, since they're very disciplined, quiet and sensitive people.

How Are Virgos in Love? - Step 3

People with this zodiac sign can't stand their partner overwhelming them and need their own space. However, their disciplined and demanding personality leads them to be demanding of themselves, causing goals to be imposed that are unreachable and create a lot of pressure and stress. In this sense, Virgos need to learn to let go, to break the routine and consider other perspectives. They require a patient partner who helps them to see life from another perspective, but always with delicacy and caution.


In love, Virgos may seem cold, serious and fearful of commitment, but this is because they're distrustful and don't show their feelings to just anyone. They dread the idea of opening their heart to the wrong person and then suffering for it. Underneath their rough exterior, is a person who loves thoughtful, romantic gifts and feeling special, so gifts are perfect for them. If you want to win the heart of a Virgo, be thoughtful and offer the best of yourself for no apparent reason. Remember that they hate to feel cheated on or used. They like people who are sincere and straightforward as a potential partner, because they're real and don't mince words.


Virgos always love to have an impeccable appearance to show off to their partner and like to look nice and feel attractive. Therefore, they request that their partner also appear well groomed and well dressed because they don't like a dishevelled or neglected look. They need to have everything under control, even when it comes to sex. Naturalness is not one of the most important sexual virtues of of this zodiac sign and they need to analyse everything rationally beforehand.

How Are Virgos in Love? - Step 6

Once they decide to surrender to a person, they're excellent lovers, whenever there's respect, trust and love. For Virgos, foreplay is essential to arouse their wilder side, they love caresses, kisses, meaningful looks, etc. They're very attentive and are always willing to please and satisfy their partner as long as it's according to their limits and rules. And, if their lover does something they don't like, they're not afraid to tell them so. If you want to know if you're sexually compatible with a Virgo, check out this article.

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How Are Virgos in Love?