How to Do a Striptease for your Partner

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Do a Striptease for your Partner

Although we take off our clothes every day, sometimes multiple times, doing so in a provocative, sexy and erotic way to stimulate your partner and to start an enjoyable erotic game is an art. Subtlety, eroticism and desire are some of the keys to surprise your partner.

You want to know more? If so, pay attention to the following OneHowTo article as we explain step by step how to do a striptease for your partner. With the pinch of sensuality required for this, you will make yourself irresistible and get your partner, or any other person who has the pleasure of watching you, to want you even more. Ready?

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Steps to follow:

The first thing to ensure that the strip is successful is to prepare the performance well. Seeing you acting sexy is the key to make your partner want you even more. Details will be key, especially if you're not an expert dancer.


One of the most important points when performing a striptease is looking for a good outfit. Remember that dancing will be slow and sensual, so it is important to think about clothes that help you integrate the movements, play with your partner and, at the same time, are easy to remove, since the point of a striptease is strip yourself of clothing.

A classic white shirt - if it's your guy's it will be even sexier - shorts, a suspender belt and heels can be an exciting image for your partner. You can also choose costumes or look for accessories that you can play with such as a tie, suspenders, gloves or a hat. Find something you both like, so you feel comfortable and sexy. That is the key!

How to Do a Striptease for your Partner - Step 2

What you actually need for the noble art of seduction is a lot of attitude and desire - don't feel ridiculous when preparing your erotic dance. First of all, set aside all shyness and prejudices. Remember that you are in front of your partner, the person who loves you just as you are.

You only need to convey that you're sexy, that you like your body, and you want to drive them mad with desire. Let yourself go and touch your body. If you enjoy it, it will double the intended effect.


Search for the right music by the time. If you have a special song, don't hesitate to use it. If not, find a sensual song that allows you to carry out soft and sexy moves, with a beat that's easy to follow. Remember that the music and the atmosphere will be essential to create a magical and unforgettable erotic moment for both of you.


If you want wake all their senses and excite them like never before, you have to prepare a small number, but the strip itself should be spontaneous and natural, showing yourself just as you are. You can incorporate a chair, which is easy to play with, a stick or, if you dare, a counter. Anything goes!

How to Do a Striptease for your Partner - Step 5

The best movements to drive your partner wild are slow hip movements, sensually touching your hair, bending over, gentle leg movements... Use your imagination! And above all, follow the rhythm of the music. The aim is to seduce them and to slowly reveal parts of your body without being afraid to laugh. Make them participate actively, they will love it.


Hint, hint, hint. If you don't want to take off all your clothes, that's fine. You have to remember that striptease is a fun game in which you mainly seduce and show your sexy side, and are more mischievous and sensual than usual. The key is to take off your clothes while dancing slowly and enjoy this really intimate moment.

This is how to do a striptease for your partner - feeling comfortable and having fun is the key. The more you know about each other's fantasies, the better. Get wild!

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How to Do a Striptease for your Partner
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How to Do a Striptease for your Partner

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