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The Best Sex Games for Foreplay

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 10, 2017
The Best Sex Games for Foreplay
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It's clear that sex isn't just about intercourse. What you do before and after penetration significantly affects and increases arousal. And, ultimately, strengthens the bond between both partners. But many people don't know what to do during foreplay and overlook the importance of it. OneHOWTO want to offer advice on the issue, so discover the best foreplay games and get ready to try them out with your partner. You won't want to wait long!

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  1. Why is foreplay so important?
  2. Teasing text messages
  3. Strip poker
  4. Roleplaying
  5. Are you hungry?
  6. Take it outside
  7. More foreplay games

Why is foreplay so important?

Many people don't understand the importance of foreplay. These people usually have never experienced great foreplay. Likewise, they probably don't know how to have great foreplay.

Men especially often see no reason in waiting for penetration. However, foreplay is not just about pleasing and teasing - it is about getting in the right mindset for good sex. The key is to be fully engrossed in the sexual experience and letting go of your insecurities and tension. Although some people consider foreplay kinky or a slightly tabooed subject, it is actually effective at bringing two people together romantically.

And men, the more relaxed your female partner is, the more likely she is to climax. Foreplay games are so important that you should dedicate an entire night to it.

Of course, ending the night with sex afterwards. Delve into the world of foreplay games!

Teasing text messages

Reap the benefits of technology and mix up your sex life with a hot rendezvous. Tease your partnerthrough text messages, email, chats and even send direct messages via your social networks. We promise that your partner will be dying to see you after receiving your provocative messages. This is an erotic foreplay game that will entice anyone.

The Best Sex Games for Foreplay - Teasing text messages

Strip poker

Strip poker is a classic but still ridiculously fun, especially for two people. Don't worry if you don't know how to play poker though, as there are several boardgames you could use as an alternative. Choose a game you both really like and use the wins and losses to determine who has to remove their clothes. After watching your partner undress for a long period of time, it won't take too long until you can't wait anymore.


This is certainly one of the most exciting erotic foreplay games that you can act out with your partner. The possibilities are endless, but the most common roles are:

  • Teacher and student. It allows you to live out the fantasy of being with someone younger and virginal. You teach and introduce them to sin, while dominating the person, and this can be very erotic.
  • Nurse and patient. Men often fantasize about the idea of being helpless and cared for by a woman who's willing to comfort them with lots of sex.
  • The police and criminal. The idea of the police enforcing the law, is very exciting.
  • The neighbours. We've all had a neighbour that makes us think dirty thoughts and with this fun, erotic game you can play out this fantasy.

The object of this role playing game is to never break character. If you’re a sexy nurse and you have to “treat” your injured “patient,” then you never for a minute revert back to your true self. If you do, you lose the game. Whoever wins picks any position they want for the sex, even if it’s something you two have never tried before.

Impersonating another person during a sexual encounter is a great way to mix up your sex life and have a great time with your partner. It's also fun to combine role playing since many erotic costumes are also an important part of sexual fantasies.

Are you hungry?

The 5 senses are essential to sex, and there's nothing better than using them to create powerful erotic games. Guess the sensation is a particularly popular foreplay game.

  • Blindfold your partner and put different edible and sensual substances on your body like chocolate, whipped cream, fruit syrup, mints etc,. Have your partner come close to you with their mouth and have them taste and name the different flavours and body parts that they're licking. It's very erotic and fun.
  • Blindfold your partner, touch their whole body and stimulate different areas with oral sex, touching and wet, hot kisses. Don't let your partner know your next move, will certainly drive them crazy.
  • Use your hands or a feather to caress your partner. This teaches you to pay attention to bodily sensations, which is a great way to shut out the outside world and really focus on your sexual pleasure.

Design a simple pleasure filled routine at home. Take several wooden sticks and cut them into different sizes, then each partner takes one, and the one who gets the shortest stick must satisfy every desire of the other partner. A striptease, oral sex, anal stimulation, 69, a sensual dance, or masturbating together. Anything goes! It's guaranteed that the experience will be super exciting.

The Best Sex Games for Foreplay - Are you hungry?

Take it outside

Let loose your sensuality and unleash your desire in a new place. There's nothing more thrilling than having sex outdoors, in a place that's not the norm. The possibilities are endless and the fact that you're in a new place where you can be discovered, will make the game even more exciting.

The Best Sex Games for Foreplay - Take it outside
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More foreplay games

A popular foreplay game is "the first one to break". This is a true test of patience and self discipline.

All you have to do for this game is take turns pleasing each other. The first person to ask for sex is the loser. Start off in your underwear. Then, wherever you choose to be, begin to tease, carress and massage your partner. They will of course do the same to you. The goal is to try and make the other person "break" and initiate or ask for sex. And the one rule is that you must remain in your underwear unless one of you "break."

Truth or dare is also another exciting game to heat up your sex life. If your partner says truth, why don't you ask them to tell you about their sexual fantasies? This is guaranteed to get them aroused. And of course, if they choose dare, you are free to make them do whatever you want them to.

Another good alternative is to buy some of the erotic games sold in sex shops. They're designed to be fun and completely break the monotony of your sexual routine.

Finally, why not try something really different? Take a free afternoon to try tantric sex. This practice will boost your libido and is mostly based on foreplay and expectation.

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The Best Sex Games for Foreplay