How to Drive a man Crazy in Bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 20, 2017
How to Drive a man Crazy in Bed

In this oneHOWTO article we'd like to give you some tips & ideas to drive a man completely crazy with desire. Men are wild beings, more natural, that enjoy sex in an absolute way, with no restrictions or breaks, and as easily as they take a shower. Getting to know them is quite simple: a certain way of walking, even a look can do the trick. But, how can we really drive a man crazy in bed beyond what he believes possible?

You'll need:

  • Boldness
  • Sensual clothes
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Steps to follow:


More action and initiation, they love that. Feel comfortable, don't feel judged. Don't feel uncomfortable with your body, men see your body as a whole, so don't worry about details. Men love a partner who is straightforward so, to drive a man crazy in bed, be the one to take initiative, dominate the situation and be bold in order to show your self-confidence.


Give oral sex in the morning, as at this time of the day, the levels of testosterone are higher, which means he'll enjoy it a lot more. If you want to boost his pleasure more, you can do it for a moment and then stop, to continue later. These advances will arouse him quite a lot. To drive him crazy, use your throat to hum slightly, the vibration in your mouth will turn blow his mind! Another trick is to use both hands as well as your mouth, combine mouth and hands and twist them in opposite directions.

Combine oral sex with playful touching of the man's balls and perineum, apply a little more pressure while stroking the perineum to make your man feel real fireworks.

Want another great tip for incredible blow jobs? Eat a Fisherman's friend or similar highly minty sweet before giving head. The freshness in your mouth will create a wonderful sensation your guy will not have felt before.


When it comes to sex, everything has its own rhythm, and eroticism does too. But you should play with that. For example, if you find an activity or action that gives him pleasure, start doing it softly and then add intensity, little by little. Then, stop for a few seconds, caressing another area, and then go back to the first activity. Vary the rhythm (from soft to intense, leave the area, go back, and so on) and you'll see how your partner starts to go crazy for pleasure.

Drive a man crazy in bed by stroking his lower abdomen with the best kisses from the kama sutra. This is a very sensitive area and most men will love being stroked around the abdomen.


A couple's intimacy is not a place for shyness. You must remember you're with your partner, with whom you share your life and your body. Don't be afraid of trying new things, using lingerie, even though you don't have a model's body, say arousing words or do activities you totally dominate or you have never tried before. Take the initiative and suggest new things, try sexting, such as role-play, obscene words, special clothes items, and even erotic toys.

Need a little help? Learn how to be more daring in bed.

How to Drive a man Crazy in Bed - Step 4

Use objects, disguises or sexual toys, he'll surely be aroused. Men go crazy when uniforms come into the picture. Especially a school girl or nurse outfit. Although you will have to talk about this beforehand, one of the best ways to drive a man crazy in bed is to combine a blow job with the use of a butt plug, which will stimulate a man's G-spot, which is found in the prostate. The masturbating egg is also a great toy for foreplay. It's made out of silicon and has protuberances to enhance male masturbation. Use this sex toy as a surprise while masturbating your partner to drive him mad.

How to Drive a man Crazy in Bed - Step 5

A dance or striptease is a good way of driving a man completely crazy. Without a doubt, no man will resist this technique. If you've never done one before, don't worry, at oneHOWTO we offer you a tutorial so you know how to do a striptease for your partner.


Men love a bit of wild sex so, when he's not expecting it, grab him and make love anywhere around the house: the stairs, shower or even outdoors if you're up for it. If you can't get to final base you can settle for a naughty hand or blow job. They won't resist this spontaneity.


If you know he prefers certain positions more than others, go for those to drive him crazy while whispering some dirty talk in his ear and softly lick it. Take a look at the positions men prefer if you're not sure which your man likes.

Now you know what men love in bed but, do you know what men don't like in bed? Find out!

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  • We recommend you always dress and feel very pretty. The best way to drive a man crazy is wanting yourself like crazy.
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