Flirting without speaking

How to Flirt without Using Words

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 13, 2019
How to Flirt without Using Words

Looks, gestures, smiles... they're all part of non-verbal language that tells us a lot about what the other person feels. They say that 90% of the art of seduction is based on non-verbal language between two partners. Only 7% of the remainder would correspond to spoken language. Normally, when we flirt with someone we take into account, albeit unconsciously, the signals that they are sending us. These signals tell us if they feel interested or, on the contrary, if they are rejecting us somehow.

Non-verbal language is unconscious and we cannot control it, unlike verbal language, which can deceive us. Specialists in non-verbal language can tell if a person is lying, if they feel comfortable or uncomfortable or they are trying to flirt with someone. They are able to reveal the innermost feelings of a person, those that cannot be hidden. At oneHOWTO we want to show you how to flirt without using words so that you use non-verbal language to your advantage.

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Steps to follow:

Your eyes are one of the key points to pay attention to. If you are interested in someone, you should maintain eye contact with that person so that they are aware that you are looking at them, but this can be tricky. Contact must be continuous but not constant, since a fixed look that is too prolonged alone can cause the other person to panic. You must find middle ground to show that you are interested but without looking like a psychopath.

Your glaze can be intense, denoting a certain fascination and admiration. A certain aura of shyness, looking away slightly, brings a sexy hint to the situation that will make it more accessible. At OneHowTo we give you are some tips so you know to seduce a man with your eyes.


Another very important factor is your smile. A smile brings us together, makes us more human and closer. The smile on a person says many things, one of which is that you are friendly. Smiling when you look at the person you like is a sign of affection, closeness and, very often, attraction. The most common is the smile that comes spontaneously, a mixture of shyness and excitement. It is usually a slight smile, sideways, without showing your teeth.

There are also other types of smiles or laughs involved the ritual of seduction. When a man or a woman speak with the person that they are interested in, they tend to smile very often. The smile is usually wide, revealing their teeth. In short, smiling and laughing are two ways to know if someone feels comfortable with you and reveals their interest and acceptance for what you are saying or what they think of you.

How to Flirt without Using Words - Step 2

Posture is important to show your interest in the other person. A rigid posture, with arms crossed over their chest demonstrates that they are defensive, unreceptive and negative. If you are interested in a person, it is normal for your body to lean slightly toward them, showing an attitude of approach, the need to invade their space to feel closer to them. You should not abuse that position because it can be too intrusive and cause the opposite effect. Subtlety is the key.

While you are talking, put one foot forward towards them, if you're a man puff up your chest to look taller and put your hands on your waist to subtly emphasis your genitals. If you are female, fiddle with your hair, elegantly cross your legs crossed and gently touch your ear lobe while smiling. If you're sitting, subtly incline your body towards the other person showing interest in what they are saying.

In this article we give you some advice on how to communicate with body language.

How to Flirt without Using Words - Step 3

Physical contact is another important thing to take into account. If you are attracted to the person in front of you, you will want to touch them and feel their touch. When you're talking to that person, touch their arm to help guide them through a complicated place when walking while you laugh to let them know more forcefully that what they have just said something that you find extraordinarily funny, touch their tie, remove some lint from their jumper... Any excuse is good.

It is clear that all this you must do it in a subtle way without hitting them or abusing these touches. Of course you should not touch certain areas unless there is a certain level of intimacy between you.

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How to Flirt without Using Words