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How to Have Passionate Sex

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Have Passionate Sex

Unleash your wild side! Leave shyness and shame behind and dare to try new experiences in bed with your partner. In sex, it is just as important to experience moments of tenderness and connection as well as more passionate moments, full of fire and desire.

In this OneHowTo article we will give you some tips so you can learn how to have passionate sex and enjoy an unforgettable night of unbridled love. Keep reading and unleash your sensual side - you will love the experience!

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Steps to follow:


To experience passionate sex it is important that you avoid routine in bed. Often couples always end up making love in the same way, at the same places and same times and that, in the end, leaves you bored and unmotivated. So if you want to fully enjoy sex, there is nothing better than trying new andexciting places where you can enjoy pleasant and fun sex.

Among the most exciting places to make love we highlight these three options that we find most erotic:

  • A lift: this is one of the most frequent sexual fantasies. The sense of urgency, the possibility of getting caught and the small space inside the lift make it the perfect place for a spirited start and unparalleled passion. No need to do the sexual act itself in the lift, since it can be uncomfortable, unhygienic and it is very likely that a neighbor will catch you, but you can start foreplay, kissing and fondling, so you're ready when you get home and full of desire for each other.
  • The beach: this is also one of the most exciting areas to make love and the natural landscape, your half-naked bodies and seawater ensure that you have will be full of desire to enjoy your love and have an experience full of pleasure and excitement.
  • Public toilets: even though in theory it does not sound too sexy a place, the fact is that a bathroom can make for an exciting experience as you need to be quick because the fear of getting caught will raise your adrenaline and thus your desire to the limit - you may be able to have an enjoyable time.
How to Have Passionate Sex - Step 1

In order to put more passion in sex it is also important to pay attention to any detail that will be part of your lovemaking. It is clear that at the beginning of a relationship you always enjoy wilder sex as the desire and the lack of confidence make every moment unique. But, over time, that passion decreases and it is then when you have to start paying attention to the details that will make your encounters incredible.

Include all senses during sex to ensure that both you and your lover enjoy a sensually amazing experience:

  • Taste: dare to add some flavor in bed and try covering your body with chocolate, put a little cream on your nipples or a succulent bowl of strawberries that you can pass from mouth to mouth.
  • Sight: pay attention to the entire area where you will have your sexual encounter with dim lighting, silk sheets and candles. Also don't forget to buy a set of sexy lingerie or an erotic outfit to surprise your partner by making your body more sensual than ever. They will love it.
  • Smell: lighting some scented candles for a pleasant smell is also important to increase sexual desire. Similarly, it is advisable to wear a cologne or perfume that you know they love and thus increase their desire for you.
  • Hearing: music should not go amiss in a passionate sexual encounter. There is nothing sexier than letting the melody take over your room and let it set the pace. It helps you get in the mood, you'll see!
  • Touch: silk sheets, a nice outfit, your soft skin... All these elements also stimulate sex a lot. In addition, fondling, kissing and contact between your bodies can raise the room temperature.
How to Have Passionate Sex - Step 2

It is also important that you dare to try new sexual positions to find new ways to feel pleasure and, above all, try new things in bed. Always doing missionary or spooning makes sex become boring and it will end up monotonous and uninteresting; so if you want to have wild sex it is important to try other ways of making love to help you put a little more fun and spice into your relationship.

Within the most passionate Kamasutra positions we highlight the following:

  • The surprise: this allows deep penetration that will follow the rhythm set by the active partner. Both parties are sure to enjoy this position and it is also fun to practice for novelty and to enjoy what it leads to.
  • The arch: this is a very sexy position in which the two lovers are face to face, with their bodies close together that ensures very deep and pleasurable penetration. The passive partner should position themselves with their legs bent and their back arched slightly so that the active partner can easily penetrate them.
  • The wheelbarrow: this is a variant of doggy style but instead of getting down on your hands and feet, the active partner will be standing and the passive partner will support themselves on their arms. The active partner should enter from behind and, this way, both can enjoy passionate and very enjoyable sex.
How to Have Passionate Sex - Step 3

Another new thing that you can try in bed to enjoy a more satisfying experience are sex toys. Keep your mind open and don't be judgmental because there are many that come in a wide variety that can perfectly adapt to life as a couple. For example you can try handcuffs in bed and play the dominant and the dominated or you can also try vibrating cock rings that provide more pleasure for both.

Today there are a variety of sex toys for couples, choose yours and try out different ways to reach climax.

How to Have Passionate Sex - Step 4

These have been some tips on how to have passionate sex. Enjoy!

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How to Have Passionate Sex