The best places to have sex at home

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The best places to have sex at home

If you want to inject some innovation into your sex life and make the most of every nook and cranny in your home, check out this OneHowTo article where we suggest a few places to make love at home and break the monotony in sex. Open your mind and prepare to have sex in places that are less comfortable but much more fun than in bed...

The best places to have sex at home are easy to find: you just have to unleash your imagination and be ready to have a really, really good time. Dare to do it?

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In the bathroom

The shower or bathtub at home can be an extremely sensual and perfect place to make love with your partner. It can be a place for having wild sex or, alternatively, you can use it to get ready for a romantic and intimate evening.

For example, you can place different scented candles in the bathroom, play some romantic music and prepare a bath with sea salt, perfect for your evening of romance. A bottle of champagne and strawberries are also a great idea to surprise your partner, and they make for an unforgettable evening filled with passion.

If it's more of an improvised thing, the sink can also be a great surface where you can enjoy passionate sex. Just make sure that the sink can stand both your weight, there have been disasters!

In the following OneHowTo articles you can find out how to have sex in the bathtub and the best sex positions for the shower.

The best places to have sex at home - In the bathroom

In the kitchen

The same place where you cook delicious meals every day can become one of the best places to make love at home. Surprise your partner while they're making dinner by kissing their neck and cuddling them from behind. The kitchen countertop, the floor or the dinner table can be perfect places to unleash your passion.

Remember that surprise, excitement and new sensations are ideal in sex. Being in the kitchen will mean that you have sexual ingredients to hand, such as cream, chocolate or strawberries. These are aphrodisiac foods that will awaken your passion and become great allies in your sex games.

The best places to have sex at home - In the kitchen

In the lounge

You are quietly watching TV and suddenly you feel your partner's hands start to wander towards more intimate places... This is the moment to take advantage of the situation and enjoy sex in the lounge: you can do it on the sofa, on the carpet or in front of the fireplace (if there is one).

The trick to making sex fun is to let go and not just head straight for the bedroom. Let the situation flow naturally and you'll find that there are all sorts of places in the lounge where you can make love. You'll enjoy it and have a great time, you'll see!

The best places to have sex at home - In the lounge

In front of a mirror

All of us have a mirror somewhere in the house for putting on make-up, getting dressed up or taking one final look at ourselves before going out. But what if we use the mirror in a different way, and make things a little spicier? Unleash your passion by having sex in front of a mirror at home and enjoy a unique experience.

Of all the sexual fantasies you can try with your partner, one of the favourites among both women and men is to watch themselves having sex. Using a mirror can therefore increase your libido and arousal, giving you an amazing experience in your own home.

The best places to have sex at home - In front of a mirror

Against the window

Another great place to make love at home is against the window or on the balcony. The adrenaline that comes from the risk of being "caught" by someone will make your arousal run high and you'll enjoy a vibrant and exciting experience. You can do it however you want: with the curtains drawn, with the window open, on the balcony floor... The main thing is that you both feel comfortable with the idea and enjoy having fun sex without complications.

The best places to have sex at home - Against the window

On the stairs

If you live in a house or a maisonette you probably have a staircase to access the second floor. What you probably haven't realised is that these stairs can become one of the best places to make love at home. In this OneHowTo article we help you discover the best sex positions for sex on the stairs.

If you want a fun sex life the best thing is to improvise and break from routine. So take advantage when your partner is going to go upstairs and surprise them with a fit of passion, with kisses and caresses that lead to making love on the stairs. They're sure to love this sudden flood of passion!

Live in a flat? Communal stairs can be a more mischievous option, as the possibility of getting caught may also arouse you. If you do try this make sure you do it at a time when you know there's a very small chance a neighbor may use them. If your apartment has a lift then there's also less possibilities of someone catching you.

The best places to have sex at home - On the stairs

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The best places to have sex at home
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The best places to have sex at home

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