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How To Have Safe Anal Sex

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Have Safe Anal Sex

Anal sex is a different way to fully enjoy sex and discover new and pleasurable sensations together as a couple. Despite having always been a sexual practice surrounded by myths and fear, more and more couples are deciding to try anal penetration and to change their routine in bed. It is normal that before the first or first few times many questions arise about this activity and some of the most common include: Is it safe? Should I use protection? Do I run the risk of contracting an STD? If you too have raised any of these questions and want to have them answered, pay attention to the following OneHowTo article where we explain how to have safe anal sex.

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Steps to follow:


To have anal sex and make it a pleasant experience, both partners must agree with the decision and, above all, be completely relaxed and ready to enjoy it. Leave your fears to one side, open all the way and let yourself go. However, like with any sexual practice, anal intercourse is also subject to certain risks and it is always important to take some precautions so that it can be carried out completely safely and enjoyably.


The main key to having safe anal sex is to always use condoms in every encounter, even with your regular partner. This practice is not without risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, in fact anal penetration is strongly associated with HIV infection and, therefore, it is essential to use protection on all occasions. It is best to choose condoms with high lubrication to achieve further penetration which is much more pleasant and does not cause discomfort that can ruin the moment.


The rectum is a gateway to many germs and bacteria and to prevent these from moving into the vagina or mouth where they can generate any type of infection, it is always important to avoid vaginal or oral penetration right after anal sex. In case you want to continue enjoying the sex, ideally throw the used condom away and use a new one, or first clean the genital area well.

How To Have Safe Anal Sex - Step 3

Before any sexual practice, it is always advisable to wash and when it comes to anal sex even more so.

Note that for pleasant rear penetration without pain, the anus should be well lubricated so you should devote enough time to its stimulation, and one of the best ways is through oral sex or rimming. And, of course, kissing and licking that area will not be pleasant unless it is completely clean and free of odours. Try washing the area beforehand with a little warm water and mild antibacterial soap, use an enema to get rid of any stool and you're ready to fully enjoy and prevent possible irritation.


As already stated, the anus, unlike the vagina, is not self-lubricating so in addition to prior stimulation to dilate it, it is advisable to use water-based lubricants. You should use your fingers just as much as your penis to stimulate the area. With this, penetration will be more comfortable and you will not have to worry about pain or discomfort during intercourse.


All these tips are key to having safe anal sex and to fully enjoying intimacy without undue risk. If you also want to find out what positions are perfect for great anal sex or to find many more details on how to enjoy anal penetration, we invite you to consult the following articles:

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How To Have Safe Anal Sex