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How to Stimulate my Partner before Anal Sex

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 3, 2017
How to Stimulate my Partner before Anal Sex
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Anal sex is a practice that is highly enjoyable for both parties. Women can enjoy a different and exciting stimulation through rectal penetration while the man experiences more friction because the anus is tighter than the vagina. However, fear of pain and taboos have become a reason for many women to refuse. If your partner has agreed it is very important to stimulate them properly for you both to enjoy it. So at oneHOWTO, we explain how to stimulate your partner before anal sex and thus ensure maximum pleasure.

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Steps to follow:


In general, sex should not be done in haste, but we all know that a "Quickie" also has its charms. But in anal sex, both of you must take your time to enjoy it, so the first suggestion is to go step-by-step and take the time to excite your girl slowly enough to relax her before anal penetration.


Anal sex does not mean going directly to the anus and concentrating only on this part of the body. To get your girl excited enough and feel comfortable, start stimulating their erogenous zones. Do not forget intense kisses and to caress the whole body, focusing on providing all the enjoyment they deserve to stimulate them all over.


Oral sex is a great way to start before moving directly to anal stimulation. When you're enjoying oral sex with your partner, choose a position that allows you to also stimulate her anus with your tongue, this will be very pleasant and help relax the area. Of course it is important to consider hygiene to ensure enjoyment.

This is done by cleaning well the external area with a warm shower and make sure there isn't any trace of stool in the anal tract. This can also be done by enemas or a pipette with water.


Alternate oral sex with caresses from your hands. Stimulate her clitoris and also her anus, so that it is ready for penetration and she will still be fully excited. Use circular motions with your tongue around the anus. This will help relax the sphincter.


Once both are ready for penetration, it is very important to use lubricant which will make things nice and smooth and enjoyable ensuring the enjoyment of your partner. There are many positions for anal sex. Choose one that allows you to stimulate her clitoris and fondle her breasts while you penetrate her, thus making the experience very exciting for her such as the lap dance position, taking her directly to climax.

How to Stimulate my Partner before Anal Sex - Step 5

If you both want to explore a much bolder feeling then you may try double penetration. While you penetrate your girl gently in the anus, you or she can use a dildo for masturbation and vaginal penetration. This will feel like two men at once, a popular sexual fantasy, but in reality it will just be the two of you enjoying all this incredible experience.


Remember that you are practicing anal penetration which is not the same as vaginal, so take it easy if you don't want to injure your girl. If she fears pain, there are products to avoid this and to give greater security during penetration such as special lubricants that dilate and numb the area. You'll be able to find these in most sex shops.

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How to Stimulate my Partner before Anal Sex