The Reason why Men Fantasize about Anal Sex

By Mary Smith. April 12, 2017
The Reason why Men Fantasize about Anal Sex

In all matters there are things that women just can not understand about men and it is clear that they too hold a similar opinion of the girls. On the subject of sex and relationships the list of questions can be endless, one of them being why do men fantasize about anal sex in the way that they do? If you do not dare to ask directly or if he does not know the real answer, at oneHOWTO we now openly tell you what you want to know.

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For some, anal sex is a taboo, it has been labelled as 'anti natural' and depraved, but the truth is that it is just another way of enjoying the pleasures of sexual encounters, so you should get rid of any prejudices in your mind and be open to understanding the reasons why men suggest anal sex to women.

The feeling of having a secret between a man and his sexual partner, that meaning he has anal sex, is something that is enough to excite a man and make him want to taste something that for many years has been considered as a forbidden fruit for many heterosexual men.


The anus, being much narrower than the vagina, produces more friction on the penis which gives men great pleasure when penetrating and throughout the whole process leading to it, which is one of the reasons why guys who have tried it usually end up wanting more.


This mentioned narrowness makes the act generally pleasant for them as there are many sensations involved. This is why just the thought of it excites men highly. This does not mean that the vagina is not enough for them, it's simply a new way of experimenting with intimate relationships.


The sexual fantasy of dominating their partner is present in the minds of all men, that is why they enjoy sexual positions like doing it 'doggy style'. Anal sex maximizes this fantasy of domination and this arouses their curiosity and sexual pleasure.


Does all this mean that you should necessarily be open and willing to do so? The answer is no. You should know that around 38% of young adults have had anal intercourse, but if you are not comfortable with the situation for whatever reason, you should let your partner know.

Talking about your sexual fears is good, as you can get rid of taboos and talk openly in order to know yourself better and help find a way in which you can enjoy sex as much as you can ever imagine.

But who knows, you might enjoy it so, why not give it a try?


If you are willing to make your wish come true then in oneHOWTO we help by informing you about the basics to discover: how to have safe anal sex , the best positions and how to stimulate the anus for maximum pleasure

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  • Fear not, if your guy is delicate, he stimulates you adequately and you use lubricants there is no reason to experience pain

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The Reason why Men Fantasize about Anal Sex
The Reason why Men Fantasize about Anal Sex

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