How to Have Sex in a Jacuzzi

By Mary Smith. Updated: February 6, 2019
How to Have Sex in a Jacuzzi

Sex and water together have inspired many sexual fantasies that are steamier than you can imagine. And when it finally comes time to taking a sexy hot tub, it's a place that's very sensuous. If you want to make the most of this setting and reach the heights of pleasure, at oneHOWTO we'll give you some tips to discover how to have sex in a Jacuzzi and have a great time.

Steps to follow:

A Jacuzzi provides a sensual atmosphere, but you can always enhance this environment and make it even better. Play soothing and sensual background music that encourages your partner to get away from all the stress and surrender to the pleasure of kissing and touching. Illuminating the area around the Jacuzzi with scented candles is also an excellent way to add more intimacy to the ambiance and maximize the pleasure of stimulating sex in every sense.


Keep in mind that although sex in a hot tub may seem extremely pleasurable due to the water's natural lubrication of the genitals. In fact, it's the opposite, and it's advisable to use a waterproof lubricant, which helps you to enjoy gentler and exciting penetration.


Begin with kissing and heavy petting since the Jacuzzi atmosphere increases the temperature and inspires steamy foreplay. Oral sex on the edge of the Jacuzzi is an excellent thing to try, so don't miss the opportunity to enjoy it as you never imagined possible.


Sex in a Jacuzzi allows you to experiment to the maximum, but we recommend that you not be too adventurous with the positions or you could get hurt. Although water can support the weight of a couple effectively, it's important not to move too much to prevent falls and accidents.


The surprise is a great position in the Jacuzzi if there isn't much room to sit. If there are steps or seats in the Jacuzzi, the comfortable positions such as the delight or the cowgirl are highly recommended.

How to Have Sex in a Jacuzzi - Step 5

When having sex in the hot tub, you can't use condoms because the latex isn't compatible with water. That's why it's recommended to practice this type of sex with a long-term partner and instead of penetration, enjoy oral sex and intense masturbation as a couple, then finish when you've dried off and use condoms.

Always remember the importance of using condoms to prevent the spread of STDs, especially when it comes to casual sex.

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How to Have Sex in a Jacuzzi
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How to Have Sex in a Jacuzzi

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