How to Have Sex in Water - Step by Step & Tips

By Mary Smith. Updated: July 9, 2018
How to Have Sex in Water - Step by Step & Tips

As the days get hotter, there's nothing better than splashing about in the sea or diving into a swimming pool to cool off. You're half naked already, so why not slip off the rest and indulge in some sexy time with your partner? Even when it's too cold to venture to the beach, you could enjoy some wet and wild fun in the shower or bath. Slippery and wet ... having sex in water is the ultimate scenario for sensational sex. However, there are some key points on how to have sex in water for making it a truly mind-blowing experience. Here at oneHOWTO, we'll share our most seductive secrets for maximum sexual pleasure.

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Steps to follow:

Although the idea of having sex in water is a sexual fantasy for many people, the reality of it can often fall short for a very simple reason:because water can actually wash away a woman's natural lubricant, making penetration rougher and uncomfortable.

Therefore, we recommended using a waterproof lubricant if you don't want vaginal dryness to get in the way of your sexual encounter in water.


Practicing safe sex is important and unfortunately, latex in is not compatible with water therefore there's a considerable risk of the condom breaking or sliding off during intercourse . Have some back-up protection as well as some other condoms at hand. Having unprotected sex, especially casual sex, means you run the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease so stay protected.

To reduce the risk of any condom mishaps, you could indulge in penetrative sex after some frolicking fun in the water. How about mutual masturbation, oral sex or using waterproof sex toys?


Although it may be tempting to experiment with a variety of different positions, the classic, simple positions are better in the water. If you're in the sea, in a pool or a Jacuzzi, we believe the best and most pleasurable position for both the man and woman is when the woman wraps her legs around the man's body and hugs him tight as he enters her.

In the shower, we recommend the man taking the woman from behind for deep penetration and heightened pleasure. If inside the shower, you could try the sit and slide position where the woman straddles her man as he sits on the shower floor.

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Keep your passionate encounter fun by thinking of your safety to avoid any nasty slips or falls. For example, make sure that the surfaces you hold on to are safe and secure and aren't about to collapse mid-romp and don't put your weight on the shower curtain. Also use non-slip mats to prevent slipping and sliding in all the wrong places.


Another cautionary point to make is that chlorinated water or sea water isn't the best environment for a vagina as it can cause irritation and lead to a urinary infection. However, you can still have a titillating time together with non-penetrative sex, e.g. mutual masturbation, oral sex, etc.


Follow our tips and trick in this article on and indulge in an exhilarating sexual encounter in the water.

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How to Have Sex in Water - Step by Step & Tips
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How to Have Sex in Water - Step by Step & Tips

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