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How to practice Petting

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to practice Petting

Can you imagine reaching all the pleasure of the world without intercourse?, Before answering think about it, we all passed through that stage in our lives, in relation to that sexologists have coined the term Petting to define the practice full of kisses, caresses, sex games, masturbation but no penetration, so typical of our inception into sexuality. Believe it or not this form of love is full of advantages and sensuality, so on we give all the keys points so you know how to practice Petting

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  1. Open your mind and remember
  2. Explore and talk about it
  3. Use mouth with creativity
  4. Caress with seduction
  5. Masturbate as a couple
  6. Make it a fantasy

Open your mind and remember

Before starting it is important to be willing to experiment with an open mind, remember when those moments of intense caresses and kisses, foreplay, masturbation managed to take you to the top of pleasure. In adulthood Petting can also be a great aphrodisiac, because the mere thought that there will be no penetration increases arousal and desire.

Explore and talk about it

Use Petting to explore your partner's body and to tell them what your erogenous zones are apart from the obvious genital area, an excellent idea to discover new pleasure points. And if you want a clearer guide we have two articles about the female and male erogenous zones, you will be surprised.

Use mouth with creativity

Your mouth is a weapon of seduction infallible in all aspects, use it not only to practice oral sex, but also to kiss, lick, caress your lips every part of the body of your partner, take it to the extreme. You can also use classic tricks such as chocolate, cream and even edible lubricants

Caress with seduction

Don't be scared to caress every part of your partner's body, use techniques such as a sensual massage, an erotic bath filled with soap and pleasure, and in general all those touches that inspire desire so much, but remember that the key of Petting is to get the pleasure without penetration

Masturbate as a couple

It is clear that masturbation is a tool of pleasure, but in a couple it becomes something awesome, so use this Petting session to do so without fear. We leave you a guide on how to masturbate your man and how to do the same with your woman

Make it a fantasy

Have you ever played the role-play of the innocent maiden who is the sensual type?, because this is the best time for it, without intercourse you can live your fantasy, pretend she's a virgin and your turned on by that fantasy for the first time, why not?, it might be very funny

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  • Dare to enjoy Petting without fear of, find a new form of pleasure with your partner

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How to practice Petting