How to Have Pleasurable Sex in a Bathtub

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Have Pleasurable Sex in a Bathtub

You've know for ages that the bed is not the only place in which you can find pleasure with your partner as your house is large and full of creativity. One of the most thrilling spots is in the bathtub: Nudity, soapy water, all slippery...the perfect place for some wet and wild fun. Here at OneHowTo we'll give you some not-so-obvious tips on how to have pleasurable sex in a bathtub and get all hot and steamy with your partner.

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Steps to follow:

Practicing safe sex is important and unfortunately, the latex in condoms is not compatible with water as there's a considerable risk of it breaking or sliding off during intercourse. Have some back-up protection as well as other condoms at hand.


Although the hot and humid bathroom environment is perfect to get anyone in the mood for lovemaking, water can actually wash away a woman's natural lubricant. Therefore, we recommended using a waterproof lube for a friction-free romp. Bid farewell to irritation and indulge in sheer sensual pleasure.


To have pleasurable sex in a bathtub, how about splashing about with some sex toys? Remember to always use waterproof toys - particularly important if they're battery operated. You can also add some homemade bath bombs to your bath and color the water with a sexy color.

How to Have Pleasurable Sex in a Bathtub - Step 3

Unless you're lucky and have a particularly roomy bath, you'll have to adjust to the space limitations. Whilst the missionary position is probably a no-go for most people, there are plenty of other options, e.g. you could sit whilst indulging in foreplay and stand up during penetrative sex. To avoid any nasty and potentially embarrassing falls, remember to use non-slip mats. Another option is for the man to sit with his legs straight and the woman to sit on top with her back to the man.


Back to the issue of condoms: to avoid the risk of having unprotected sex due to the condom breaking or sliding off, how about using the bath for foreplay and frolicking about and finishing elsewhere?


In terms of sexual positions ideal for the bath, we recommend the medusa. This is a fairly simple yet pleasurable position where the woman sits on top of the man and rocks backwards and forwards or up and down.

How to Have Pleasurable Sex in a Bathtub - Step 6

The hammock is also another good option because the man raises his legs which allows more room for manoeuvring around in the bath.

How to Have Pleasurable Sex in a Bathtub - Step 7

If you choose to stand, we recommend that the man take the woman from behind. This allows for deep penetration which will leave both the man and woman shivering with pleasure. On top of this, he will be able to play and stimulate her anus and clitoris and leave her gasping at the intensity.

How to Have Pleasurable Sex in a Bathtub - Step 8

Use the bathtub as you prefer - for lathering up your partner and getting him/her in the mood, or for some raunchy rub-a-dub action.

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  • Enjoy all the possibilities that this unique environment offers and indulge your sexual fantasies.

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How to Have Pleasurable Sex in a Bathtub
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How to Have Pleasurable Sex in a Bathtub

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