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How to Tell a Woman you Want to Have Sex

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Tell a Woman you Want to Have Sex

Want to ask a woman for sex and don't know how? Telling your girl that you want to make love can sometimes be tricky, what may seem completely natural and obvious to a man, isn't the same for a woman. For women, in many cases, sex involves a certain level of shame and even some feelings of guilt that have been instilled into them. But one thing that you shouldn't forget is that they want sex as much as you do but they don't show it. At oneHOWTO we show you how to tell a woman you want to have sex.

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Steps to follow:


We will give you some tips and guidelines on how to tell a woman you want to have sex, but remember that your girlfriend may or may not want to have intimate relationship encounters just as much as you do. If you haven't yet slept with your partner be patient, everything takes time and every girl goes at her own pace. Don't despair, instead make her feel like she is the most wonderful and sexy woman in the world. Make her see that you want her, to embrace her and kiss her tenderly. Focus on her body language that will tell you if she wants to move your relationship to another level; check what you know by reading our article how to tell if a woman is aroused.

How to Tell a Woman you Want to Have Sex - Step 1

For a woman, tenderness is very important and this should be a key theme in your relationship before turning to sex. You have to pamper, caress, and kiss her gently and make her feel very attractive. You will see the effect that your charm will have on her, she will give it back to you it many times over. A good technique for telling her that you want to have sex is to do it in a subtle way; looking for ways to be alone with her, you could suggest some intimate plan at home that she will be able to understand perfectly as you share the sofa.


You can too show your sexual initiative by surprising your girl at a sexy time. If she is showering why don't you go in with her and caress her skin while soaping her up? Give her a nice surprise in the shower, touch her body shamelessly, move your hands and lips to her neck. Let her feel your breathing getting quicker, move your hands deftly over her skin... you will turn it into a totally irresistible opportunity. You won't even need to say a word!

How to Tell a Woman you Want to Have Sex - Step 3

Another surefire technique to ask your girl for sex is by adopting humor as your strategy. Make her laugh, tell her sexual jokes, look for double meanings, send her provocative texts, etc. With a bit of humor, you're anticipating the situation and building up to it. She will be relaxed and very open to sex, so in her eyes she will definitely want to sleep with you.

How to Tell a Woman you Want to Have Sex - Step 4

Giving her that look is certainly a very powerful weapon in the game of seduction and attraction. She will love to feel that you are looking at her with desire and feeling your eyes on her will raise her expectations. Look at her lips, her hair and her whole body mischievously. She will understand your body language and she will like the idea of having sex.


Your last resort, which is very effective for some women, is verbal communication. There are women who love it when a man is direct and open. If being subtle doesn't work, it is best to be very clear about what you want and tell her you want to have sex with her, while looking at her in the eyes and caressing her lips with your hand. It is bound to be very exciting to hear those words. To make sure whatever comes next is very enjoyable, we suggest you read the tips in our article How to please a woman in bed.

How to Tell a Woman you Want to Have Sex - Step 6

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How to Tell a Woman you Want to Have Sex