How to Use Yoga for Sex - The Best Tips & Positions

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 30, 2019
How to Use Yoga for Sex - The Best Tips & Positions

Do you feel that your sex life has become a secondary issue in your life? Or do you need to try new things with your partner?If you're a big yogi and love this ancient practice as much as sex, you can combine them and create postures and an environment that will revitalize your sexual relationships.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, all women who practice yoga and do not have a very active sex life, increase their levels of excitement through practicing this sport, along with meditation. So, why not try some yoga techniques in the bedroom, under candlelight and see how far the desire comes? If you are encouraged, continue reading this oneHOWTO in which Erotic World explains the details on how to use yoga for sex with the best tips and techniques.

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Sexual energy or sexual yoga - Yoga to increase stamina

If you are already inside the world of yoga you will know about mindfulness yoga. This type of yoga is called Kundalini yoga. It is a style of spiritual and devotional yoga that, above all, emphasizes the liberation of energy. In this liberation, your sexual energy also takes part, thanks to the corporal postures and because you are constantly practicing your breathing.

Most forms of yoga concentrate on performing body postures that are always combined with breathing, but in this type the release of energy is very important, which will gradually excite you as it comes out.

This type of practice can be performed by everyone, both beginners and advanced users in the erotic and yoga world. So you just have to feel like it and start practicing.

How to Use Yoga for Sex - The Best Tips & Positions - Sexual energy or sexual yoga - Yoga to increase stamina

Enjoy sex more by practicing yoga

Sexual practices are never the same. It is not the same to have sex with an unknown person than with a partner you've been with for 10 years, of course, it's not the same the first time or the fifth. It is very important that at the time of having sex there is some kind of connection with the other person to reach the fullness of sexual pleasure. The empty sex of a one night stand is not the best way to end up being completely satisfied, especially if you have not had sex with that person several times.

Once you have found that person, with whom to have a special connection, you can begin to try Kundalini yoga by trying to connect your looks, your hearts and, of course, the center of your lower energy. All this combined with breathing will create an incredible pleasure.

How to Use Yoga for Sex - The Best Tips & Positions - Enjoy sex more by practicing yoga

Yoga positions for sex

If after all of these explanations you want to start practicing, we recommend these yoga positions to improve sex. Some are simple, but others should be taught to you well as they could hurt your neck or back. Before launching and wanting to do them all, signing up for yoga classes will help you a lot and then perform them correctly and enjoy the most.

The wheel

This position is the same as if you did the well-known gymnastics exercise known as the bridge: looking up, resting your hands firmly and feet on the floor and raising the rest of the body. In a position such as this one, your lover will find the best way to give you pleasure. To perform the wheel stance you will need a lot of concentration so you do not lose your balance. Will you dare?

The cobra

The cobra is a very common position in yoga. To do the cobra you'll need to lie on your back, strongly holding the palms of your hands on the floor, stretching your arms, raising your head and neck, stretching your whole body and becoming aware of it. This position is perfect for oral sex.

The upside down dog

The upside down dog position or the dog looking down is like the traditional dog position and arms stretched out creating a V-shaped bridge. An erotic alternative that will give you more pleasure than the posture of the dog.

Inverted plank

Yes, like the plank position you use to strengthen your abs but inverted, facing up. It is perfect for oral sex, vaginal penetration if the other person goes on top, or even for double penetration if the person performing the plank is a female.


A position of submission that is very easy to perform and that your partner will love. Get on your knees and lean your upper body forward, leaning on the ground, arms stretched forward and head between arms as you stretch the lower back to the back.

The camel

This positions might actually be one of the most complicated, but it's also one of the most pleasurable, if it is done during oral sex.

To do this you'll need to kneel, with your knees separate at the height of the hips, and press the top of the feet, the instep, against the ground. Throw your arms back, place your hands on the soles of your feet and tilt your chest by arching it back as far as possible. If your hands don't reach your feet, you can leave your arms loose. This will create a kind of circle with your body.

How to Use Yoga for Sex - The Best Tips & Positions - Yoga positions for sex

Yoga for good sexlife

Remember that the moment you start performing these positions you have to be concentrated concentrated in your body, avoid thoughts that distract you, especially if they are negative, and pay no attention to external noises.

Practice these tips and these yoga positions for sex with your partner and discover a new way to reconnect and have unique experiences together. Enjoy sex again in a fun new way.

It is said that Tantra, one of the branches of yoga, can help you reach the heights of pleasure by feeling each other's bodies and experiencing new sensations without ejaculating. If you're interested in this practice, take a look at our article on how to have tantric sex, and choose the best positions to perform with your partner.

Yoga to increase sperm count: Asanas

In Ayurveda, it is believed that certain yoga exercises can actually increase your sperm count. According to Pallav Sengupta[1], you can do so by strengthening the male's pelvic floor lower back and abdomen in order to improve the man's blood flow to the area. This practice is known as Asanas, it works on HPA axis by helping in stress relief, another of the most common causes of low sperm count. The following positioned need to be practiced on a daily basis in a calm environment, not as part of a sexual practice:

The horse gesture

This position creates a contraction of the anal sphincter muscles and enhances blood flow to the rest of the genital area.

  1. Sit in a comfortable yoga pose such as Padmasana
  2. Close your eyes and relax
  3. Control your natural breathing, be aware of it. Repeat several times
  4. Move your concentration towards the anus area
  5. Contract the muscles in the anal sphincter and hold for two to three seconds. Do so without any strain to avoid injury
  6. Relax the muscles for the same amount of time
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 as many times as you can. Make sure you only use your sphincter muscles

Anulom Vilom

this part of Pranayama yoiga is commonly used during Hatha yoga and is a great respiratory exercise to improve breathing and help with tension and anxiety. Take a look at the steps to perform anulom vilom[2]:

  1. Again, sit in Padmasana position, and rest the palms of your hands on your knees.
  2. Use your right thumb to close your right side nostril. Breathe in as much as you can, until your lungs are full.
  3. Take your thumb away from your nostril and exhale meanwhile
  4. With your middle finger, close the left nostril while exhaling. Inhale with the right nostril and the left one shut.
  5. Repeat this process for at least 5 minutes per day.

Lotus flower

One of the most well-known poses is also a great yoga position to increase sperm count.

  • Sit on the floor with your spine straight and your legs stretched in front of you.
  • Place your right knee on your opposite thigh with your feet pointing towards your chest and the heel close to your body
  • Do the same with your other leg
  • Put your hands in a mudra, making sure your head and spine are straight
  • Hold the position, taking long breaths.
How to Use Yoga for Sex - The Best Tips & Positions - Yoga to increase sperm count: Asanas

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  1. Male reproductive health and yoga- Pallav Sengupta et al.2013

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