How To Kiss Well For The First Time

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Kiss Well For The First Time

A kiss is one of the signs of love, passion and utmost desire. Humans kiss when we greet someone, or when we want to show our love to our partner. Kissing is full of benefits,both for health and beauty. It communicates desire, love and like everything in life you can do it good, bad or average. This article will explain the best tips on how to kiss well for the first time following these steps:

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Steps to follow:

Slowly approach your partner. One way a kiss can be ruined is to not give it the time that it needs. If unable to ask the guy or girl you like, the only way to anticipate this kiss is to read their body language. Approaching their face slowly is the best idea. Go slowly, bringing your mouth closer to theirs, changing your gaze between their eyes and their lips.

How To Kiss Well For The First Time - Step 1

First mistake of an inexperienced kisser: Opening your mouth and trying to stick your tongue down the back of their throat. Guys, you need to create some suspense and excitement when giving kisses, even if it's the first time... And that is achieved by starting with small kisses. Patience is one of the keys to kissing well for the first time.

How To Kiss Well For The First Time - Step 2

Slowly build the intensity of the kiss. After a few smaller pecks, kisses with closed lips, slightly open your mouth more and introduce a little tongue in to the mouth of your partner.You can also start by kissing her neck sensually and move slowly to her mouth.


To get to the passionate kiss, open your mouth wider and introduce the tongue further, but without violence or any kind of strength, as french kissing needs to be done gently, letting your tongue play with your partners, it's not a question of how deep you can stick it.


Kissing well is kissing with your whole body. Move your head from side to side while kissing is one way. You can also take the hands of the other person and interlace your fingers, or in addition put one hand behind your partner's neck and hold their head while you kiss. All these gestures are signs of passion or intensity.

How To Kiss Well For The First Time - Step 5

It is recommended that you give the occasional bite to your partner. These little bites should be very smooth and fast, a sign in the moment to continue playing.


Part of this advice on good kisses is to use your imagination and passion.

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  • Increase or decrease the intensity of the kiss according to how your partner responds, the mirror effect is important in the great art of kissing.
  • Be imaginative even though it's your first time! Incorporate techniques using the tongue, teeth and lips to power the imagination.

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How To Kiss Well For The First Time
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How To Kiss Well For The First Time

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