How to Give Someone a Hickey for the First Time

By Mary Smith. Updated: August 29, 2017
How to Give Someone a Hickey for the First Time

Hickeys or love bites are rife among High School students these days, but how exactly do these mysterious puce marks appear on people's necks? In this oneHOWTO article, we'll teach you exactly how to give someone a hickey for the first time. However, remember that hickeys are caused by burst blood vessels and therefore aren't particularly healthy for your body.

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What's a hickey or love bite?

A hickey or love bite is a burst blood vessel under the skin. This leaves a mark similar to a bruise you might sustain from a nasty fall or a punch up. But a hickey, rather than being caused by a fist or impact with a hard surface, is caused by another person's mouth.

How to Give Someone a Hickey for the First Time - What's a hickey or love bite?

How to give someone a hickey for the first time

To give someone a hickey for the first time, first rest your mouth on the side of your lover's neck as if you were kissing them. Leave your mouth open slightly, as if you are pronouncing an "O". Now, suck! Draw their skin into your mouth and suck gently with your tongue so that you create a tingling sensation on your partner's neck. This will leave a bright red mark. It doesn't take long - only thirty seconds or so. Make sure you don't breathe in when sucking.

You could say that hickeys are a way of harming the other person because, after all, it ruptures blood vessels! But we prefer to think of it as a mark of love. A red tattoo that fades in a few days.

Who can you give a hickey to?

This is like asking who you can kiss! Hickeys aren't male/female-only. They are considered by some people to be a way of "marking their territory". It's a way of saying "This woman/man is mine".

Therefore, they are often left visible for all to see on the neck area. This area is also a prime spot because the blood vessels are more easily burst in this area of the body. Other areas are more resistant to bruising. Plus, some people might also argue that there's no point leaving a mark where nobody can see.

So if you're planning to give someone a hickey for the first time, make sure it is someone who won't mind being marked like a cow and showing off this bruise in front of others. This is why it's also important to have the permission of the person you're going to give the hickey to as well, as the person may not want to be marked or may not like hickeys or love bites.

How long do hickeys last?

Hickeys are very much like a bruise. Just like any other bruise on the body, it will heal as fast as the body is able to recover. There is no set time.

Some people heal quickly whilst others heal slowly. It all depends on every person's body. Gauge the time it take from bruises you might have sustained in the past. On average, a hickey will last from 5 to 12 days depending on the size of the hickey and the person's speed of recovery.

How to cure a hickey

A hickey is caused when someone's lips break blood vessels in your neck and this is easy to do if you have a sensitive neck. A hickey is a bruise and, just like any other dark patch in your body will vanish when your body is cured. Some people are cured fast, others are cured during a longer process, all this depends on your body.

It will not be removed with just warm or cold water. You can disguise it, as we'll explain next, so nobody realizes you have one. If you tend to cure slowly, you can accelerate the process by taking vitamins and/or eating healthy foods so that your body recovers faster.

How can I hide my hickey?

You certainly won't be able to scrub it off with water! Try concealing it with makeup as you wait for it to heal. Alternatively, wrap a scarf around your neck to hide it. If you tend to heal slowly, you could give you body a helping hand by ensuring you consume enough vitamins and minerals. If you need more ideas, take a look at our article on how to get rid of a hickey.

How to Give Someone a Hickey for the First Time - How can I hide my hickey?

How to give yourself a hickey?

One day in college, when a friend of a friend told us that he'd given himself a hickey, he had to explain how he managed to do it:

Grab a short hose pipe in your garden. Place one end of the hose on a part of your body and suck in from the other side.

He didn't manage to fool us all into thinking he'd received it in the heat of passion because, to his dismay, the mark was too perfectly round in shape! What an idiot!

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How to Give Someone a Hickey for the First Time
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How to Give Someone a Hickey for the First Time

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