What are the Best Sex Positions for the First Time

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 14, 2017
What are the Best Sex Positions for the First Time

So, you've already made the decision, he's the right one to do it with, and you're ready to take the plunge and enter the world of sex. But now your head is probably full of questions and you don't know where to begin. Obviously going with your instincts is always a good start, but here at oneHOWTO we can give you more than that. Here's a guide to help you find out what the best sex positions for the first time are, so you can enjoy this moment as much as possible. You don't have to be afraid, but nerves are inevitable. Let us guide you through this exciting time!


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Are you sure you are ready for sex?

You may have already experimented with foreplay and other sexual acts before you have decided you are ready for penetration. This is a very important process to go through. Not only does foreplay help relax and arouse you, it increases your temperature and stimulates your natural lubrication. This of course, makes penetration much easier. Before starting this guide, you might want to look at a few tips to bear in mind when it's your first time. Click here for a step by step guide to having your first sexual experience.

Missionary sex position for virgins (and everyone!)

If it's your first time having sex, the missionary is the quintessential position. The girl lies down and spreads her legs for the guy to penetrate her. In this position, it's the guy who decides the intensity of penetration. But you can always tell him how far in he can go so that it's comfortable for you, remembering to relax and enjoy this unique moment of intimacy. Never be hesitant to tell him what you want and how you feel. Communication is key to good sex.

This face to face position is one of the most romantic Kamasutra positions and allows for interaction. Kissing, touching, and stimulation of the breasts, one of the most important female erogenous zones.This is a great position to ease into sex, there will be plenty of time to experiment with other more acrobatic stunts.

What are the Best Sex Positions for the First Time - Missionary sex position for virgins (and everyone!)

Girl on top kamasutra position

Girl on top positions are popular all round and surprisingly, they are suitable for first time sex. For a nervous female, it may be a good idea to opt for this kamasutra position so you can control the pace and intensity. And of course, the male will enjoy his perspective. It is best if the male is lying down with his legs flat and the female straddles him. He can bend his legs but this may put too much pressure on your vagina. See what feels good and cater to your comfort.

Girl on top positions are also known for allowing women to achieve orgasms easily. This is because she is in charge of it herself. Remember, it is unlikely for you to have an orgasm for the first time so don't stress about it. Just go through the motions.

What are the Best Sex Positions for the First Time - Girl on top kamasutra position

Spooning during sex for the first time

Spooning is always a great kamasutra position, especially for the first time. Although the female has her back to the male, this position allows for extremely romantic sex. Because, the man is able to caress her body and stimulate her clitoris, as well as control the degree of penetration. It makes both partners feel close to each other, and that’s why it’s also great for nervous first timers. Feeling relaxed and connected eases nerves that may hinder sexual arousal.

What are the Best Sex Positions for the First Time - Spooning during sex for the first time

Sex is not one size fits all

Everyone's body is different, so not all women experience pain during their first sexual experience. Of course this also depends on the size of your partner's penis. However, when it comes to your first time, it's generally not recommended to try positions where the penis penetrates deeply. Positions such as the doggy position may be too harsh for your first time. Remember no one is born a master of sex. Everyone goes through their first time once and has different experiences. You also have plenty of time to experiment - this is just the beginning!

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  • Relax and enjoy kissing and cuddling with your partner. The more relaxed you are, the more you will enjoy the experience.
  • Don't be scared to go slowly, and if you feel any pain ask your partner to try a different position or a slower pace.

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What are the Best Sex Positions for the First Time
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What are the Best Sex Positions for the First Time

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