How to Know if I'm Good in Bed

By Mary Smith. Updated: February 25, 2021
How to Know if I'm Good in Bed

When we started dating someone we really like, it is almost inevitable to ask whether we are good in bed. It's because sex is a fundamental aspect of the relationship, but we rarely question our own performance. Do you know if you're a sex god? Well, on we give you some signs to know if you're good in bed.

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Steps to follow:

In any aspect of life, the key lies in doing something really well and enjoying it. When we love what we do, it is easier to do it better. Sex is no exception, is that all sensual women and men who are powerful sex gods in the bedroom have one thing in common: they fully enjoy sex. This allows you to explore, to encourage one another, to break the routine and it also helps keep your sexual desire at a good level.

All this makes you a passionate and dedicated sex god or goddess in the bed, a good sign that your sex life is good.


A sure sign that your sexual partner is having a good time in bed with you, is when you both enjoy it and you both think good sex is that always on offer. He is willing to do it with you, you are constantly craving for more sex, even when you've had sex the same day.

How to Know if I'm Good in Bed - Step 2

The mind is a powerful sexual weapon, it depends largely on excitement and enjoyment. So when you're really good in bed, a simple touch, a look or a word makes you both horny as hell. Your man is constantly sensitive to the sexual aspect, and not because he's an unchaste brute, but rather because at the slightest sign he evokes the experience and previous bodily contact.

If this is the situation between you both is like this, congratulations! You are very good in bed, as your partner is being turned on with little effort and you are fully enjoying each other.


Sex is the work of two (or more), and sexual chemistry serves to highlight our connection and attractions. But just as sex requires two people (or more), when everyone enjoys the lustful acts it means that the performance has been good.

If you're good in bed, you're doing very well together, making the most of every intimate union of the flesh.


When you're good in bed, everything is natural and nothing is forced. No need to prove you're super sensual, nor do extravagant things for the sex between the two (or more) of you to be great. Of course, variety is always a great idea. Play and have fun, but good sex is that which is enjoyed through every touch, kiss, movement or penetration.

How to Know if I'm Good in Bed - Step 5

If you've chosen a good partner, someone who is not selfish and who always thinks of you, he will always want to please you. A way to give back all the attention and pleasure is to give your partner the sexual encounter of their lives. This indicates that you are good in bed, your sexual partner cannot do enough to make you orgasm and you're excited to see your desires being satisfied.


With intimacy and complicity in the couple, it's normal to talk about sex. And there is no doubt that the clearest demonstration that you are good in bed is when your sexual partner tells you so. But do not ask (actually it's better if you do not) about the quality of sex. When thoroughly enjoyed, sex with someone does not create problems. But what if you're not good in bed? Find out in this oneHOWTO article.

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How to Know if I'm Good in Bed
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How to Know if I'm Good in Bed

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