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Phrases to Turn Guys on in Bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: November 22, 2018
Phrases to Turn Guys on in Bed

Although sex is what our eyes see and what makes us feel good, another key to making the most of this intimate moment is to use phrases or words that can make a difference and heighten the arousal for both partners. If you want your man feel important, safe and more attractive, there's nothing better than some dirty talk, said in a very hot tone while you're going at it like crazy. Keep reading this fabulous oneHOWTO article to discover some of the best phrases to turn guys on in bed and they are sure to drive him crazy.

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Whether it's "I am waiting for you in bed with a new set of lingerie" or "I'm waiting for you in bed, get ready for some action", both are two phrases that are ideal to start lighting the flames of passion. They make it clear to your partner that you desire to be with him in a more intimate way. They are also perfect to send by text or WhatsApp, so if you are away from home, surprise your partner(s) with things like this and begin to crank up the volume.

Phrases to Turn Guys on in Bed -

Women love to receive compliments from their partner(s) as much as men do. So, don't hesitate to lift the mood with a compliment like this or make reference to some aspects of the guy's image. Tell him you love his body today, how good he smells or how amazing his hairstyle is. All this is fool proof and is the perfect phrase to turn your guy on.

We know that many men like to look at their bodies and sculpt it for hours at the gym, in bed or when playing sports, so there's no better trick to seduce and excite them. Make them feel that you've noticed all that they have to offer in that realm. Knowing your man's body will attract and excite him as it will increase his self-esteem and security in the bedroom. This will make both of you enjoy much more passionate and fulfilling sexual relationships.

Phrases to Turn Guys on in Bed -

Avoid being quiet in bed! This is a basic rule if you want to really drive him crazy and make him ready to pop like a champagne bottle. For your boo, he loves to know that he is the one and only who gives you pleasure. Do not hesitate to crank it up further giving him small hints, whisper words in his ear and use body language too. All this will serve to convey how much you enjoy each of your intimate encounters.

This is a phrase that does not fail when you want to turn him on in the bedroom and encourage him to go further. There's nothing better to drive him crazy than to directly say you're looking forward to penetration. This is ideal for after a good foreplay session. During intercourse, there is nothing more comforting for him to see that you like to feel him inside you. This will give him peace of mind and security knowing that you love sex with him and, above all, you enjoy it to the fullest.

Phrases to Turn Guys on in Bed -

For those pre-climax moments, any terms will be key to crank it up even further and to give way to a powerful and intense orgasm. Let him know you're very, very close to reaching the long-awaited climax and it will be the perfect end to a session of unique, wild, crazy and super pleasurable sex.

Phrases to Turn Guys on in Bed -

"You can do anything you want"

Show him the commitment and confidence that you have in him by making him feel confident. Show him you're ready to enjoy new sensations and good vibrations. Your guys will be far more willing to give pleasure, so unleash your imagination so bed is set alight with passionate love and desire.

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Phrases to Turn Guys on in Bed