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7 tips to Have an Orgasm

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: May 10, 2017
7 tips to Have an Orgasm

Do you find it hard to have an orgasm? This happens to many women when they are making love with their partners, climax becomes a complex and almost unattainable goal. There are many factors that can influence this such as for example, losing focus and not being completely in the mood or simply not feeling enough pleasure to climax. In this OneHowTo article we give you 7 tips to have orgasm for you to get maximum enjoyment out of your sexual encounters.

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  1. Know your body
  2. Learn to communicate
  3. Don't forget about foreplay
  4. The importance of words
  5. Control your breathing

Know your body

In order to make the most of your sexual encounters it is important that you know what parts of your body will produce more pleasure. And the only way to do that is through masturbation. If a woman knows what she likes then when she is having sex it will be much easier for her to know how to guide her lover and to encourage everything that really gives her pleasure.

Besides this, masturbation has very positive effects on our health as it helps us to work the muscles of the pelvic area, gets us to rest more deeply and produces endorphins, the pleasure hormone. At OneHowTo you can discover all the benefits of masturbation.

7 tips to Have an Orgasm - Know your body

Learn to communicate

One of the reasons why women have difficulty reaching orgasm is because they don't talk to their partners and, therefore, it is possible that their partners are doing something in the bed that is not 100% to their liking. Remember that every body is like a different world and, although you may be very experienced, everyone has different tastes and preferences so the only way to have pleasant relations for both of you is by talking, guide your lover on how to touch you, what to do to you, etc. This is the best way to enjoy the most of your sexual encounters and make it easier to climax.

7 tips to Have an Orgasm - Learn to communicate

Don't forget about foreplay

One of our tips to have an orgasm is to focus on foreplay before the act itself. As we know, men can become completely aroused in 5 or 10 minutes while women take significantly more time: usually they need 15-20 minutes to be aroused and to reach orgasm easily.

So, the best thing is to leave those "what you see is what you get" sexual encounters and opt for more quiet evenings where caresses, passionate kisses, whispers, oral sex, etc., come together. At OneHowTo we show you why foreplay is important.

7 tips to Have an Orgasm - Don't forget about foreplay

The importance of words

In addition to using purely physical and sensory stimuli, imagination plays a very important role in sexual arousal and therefore, saying sexy words or phrases like "you get me so hot" or "I'm so turned on"; can help you arouse yourself and also your partner as well as encouraging them and saying things that turn you both on about each other. For this, you will have to think about what you like say and what you'd like to hear during the act in order to explore all the limits of pleasure together. You will be amazed!

7 tips to Have an Orgasm - The importance of words

Control your breathing

Orgasm is also something purely physical and that can sometimes be controlled with breathing and muscle contraction. Therefore, if you want to have an orgasm it is important that you keep your breathing under control and let it flow quietly during the act.

Remember that many people are not able to climax because when they get aroused, their breathing becomes heavy and it means that no oxygen can reach their pelvic muscles and therefore, physically these are not the best conditions to reach orgasm easily. So you just need to keep your breathing calm and controlled to feel immense pleasure.

7 tips to Have an Orgasm - Control your breathing

Best positions for female orgasm

But you know that there are some positions that help women to reach orgasm better. The reason for these is that they can better reach and stimulate points such as their clitoris or G-spot and, therefore, it is much easier for them to reach climax in a simpler way.

Some of these positions are those that include the woman on top or others in which the stimulation comes from behind such as for example, the Doggy position or the Spoon position The spooning position allows for deep penetration as the penis rubs the G-spot with each thrust. To find out more, we invite you to read our article on positions to reach orgasm.

7 tips to Have an Orgasm -

Stimulate your clitoris

With female masturbation, the main focus of stimulation is the clitoris since most women reach climax through this area of the body. In fact, it is thought that only 30% of women can reach a vaginal orgasm while the rest have to caress their clitoris both internally and externally in order to reach maximum pleasure.

Therefore, while having sex you can play with this part of your body without any shame or embarrassment as you'll see how it makes the pleasure become uncontrollable.

7 tips to Have an Orgasm -

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7 tips to Have an Orgasm