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6 Things Men Hate in Bed

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: November 2, 2017
6 Things Men Hate in Bed

Men, just like us, are observant, they're detail-oriented and have a clear idea of what they like and don't like, just like women know what gets on their nerves. Sex is no exception. We could write a long, drawn-out list on the subject but at oneHOWTO we'll limit it to a few choice examples, those things that without doubt any guy would say, "It's true, I don't like that". Generalizing is never good, but these are definitely 6 things men hate in bed and would rather you didn't do.

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Steps to follow:


Not taking the lead

All guys agree that if a woman never takes the lead when it comes to sex, if she's never provocative or playful or if she always leaves it to the man to initiate sex, then things can get a bit boring. We all know a relationship is all about give and take, but a woman who doesn't seem to posses a libido is something that men hate in bed. Girls: don't forget that men also love to be seduced! Remember to starfish is never a good move if you want a guy fun in bed, plus, you may not be having the best of times either.


Talking everything over

"Don't do that, I don't like it; not that way, it's better this way." Bossy control freaks can be very irritating for men, so why not just enjoy yourself and experiment? Every man has his own way of behaving in bed, and if after several hook ups there are things you don't like, talk to him outside of the bedroom and explain how he can make things better. Don't do it while you're having sex. If there's something you're not enjoying and want to change the way a man is acting during sex, gently move their hand, change positions or deter them away from the activity that you're not enjoying and propose something else.


Doing stuff just because he wants to

If you're going to do it with disgust, it's best not to do it!. Sex is about pleasure and should be pleasurable for both of you. Men notice when you're not enjoying something, when you're doing something out of obligation. Trust us when we say that that's not fun for them either! If there's one thing that really turns a man on, it's knowing that his girl gets off on pleasing him. Therefore, you should only do what you feel like doing, what you enjoy, they'll love to see how much fun you're having.


Showing your insecurities

If you complain about your body and prefer to do it with the lights off, or you don't want to be on top because then he'll see all of your imperfections...well, insecurities are a turn-off in bed. Imagine if you lived together and you kept asking him, "Am I fat? Does this look good on me? Do you think I'm pretty?" Don't subject him to this torture during sex too. If you have some of these insecurities, just accept them and work on improving them if you want to enjoy sex with your man without any hang-ups. Bear in mind that lots of men like chubby women.

Work on loving yourself and your body. Trust us, there's nothing that turns a man on more than a woman who feels proud of herself.


Being shy

Being shy in bed is another of the things men hate in bed. If you like him and you're enjoying having sex with each other, why not try out new things? Be open minded. You could try new positions, sex toys, play out fantasies etc. Girls, monotony is tiring for everyone, men and women alike.


Going on to doing something else

If right after having sex you suddenly turn into a "housewife", immediately taking a shower, stripping the sheets off the bed and finishing off the chores you were doing around the house etc., this can be a major turn off. Chill out and relax! Post-coital cuddling should be a shared moment together to enjoy the sensations you've just experienced. There's no need to abruptly get up and get on with your day.

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  • Follow our advice and remember that there are things that irritate us and there are things that irritate them too.
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6 Things Men Hate in Bed