8 thing you should't say to a man in bed

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
8 thing you should't say to a man in bed

Every human being carries a bag in which his personality, his cultural influence, tastes and many other elements that make an individual unique and special. But at the same time there are things that, generally, can bother and irritate especially when we are in a vulnerable situation such as a sexual encounter. Have you ever screwed up by saying anything improper at that time? on we give you a list of 8 phrases you should not say to a man in bed so you do not make that mistake again. Photo:

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Steps to follow:

"We'd better go turn off the light", bad start. Your body may not be perfect and it is normal to feel insecure in some respects but in bed they hate the lack of self-esteem and insecurity, if you are there enjoy it, feel sexy and provocative and have sex with the lights on. Do not try to hide away.


"Are you already in?": That is to say indirectly that his member is not up to scratch, that its size is not enough for you. If after penetration you do not feel it and ask "are you all the way in?" he will probably feel a little bad, so careful about touching a topic that involves centimetres or the capabilities of their penis.


" Who is better your ex or me?" Or alternatively " My ex was much better". Girls, PLEASE, former partners are not in your bed and are not welcome unless they are physically present and having sex with you, so do not mention them. If the other is better, save it for yourself, if you want to know if his ex was better than you ask him at another time, not asking at all is the healthiest thing.


"Do you love me? Tell me you love me, tell me you love me! Love is a verb that applies otherwise: he wants sex, that's for sure, but not all men feel comfortable saying they love their girl while in the act, much less when they hardly know them. The affectionate terms are best left outside the room.


"I want to have your baby". This could end an erection in seconds mainly because it is not at all an erotic sentence and involves a high degree of commitment. Unless it is directed to your stable partner and both fantasize about being parents immediately, avoid at all costs the words "child", "baby" or " pregnancy" during sex.


"Will you come soon?"= I'm Bored and want to finish with this to go do something else. Nobody likes to know that they are boring in bed, so do not ask this nagging question that could hurt his feelings.


"Do you like it? Was I good?" To which he would answer: what is this an inquisition? We know if they enjoy it in bed because we can see, hear and feel so the question should not be asked, unless it is a partner with whom you're very blended and usually play that little game of "yes I loved it as much as always".


"It would have been better if you..... " No, no and no! If there is something he can do better now is not the time to say so. Wait until another encounter and guide him, ask what he wants, faster, slower, softer, I like this or I like that. Much better than the instructions after the event as if it were a recipe.

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  • There is a golden rule so you don't mess up: do not say anything that you would not like to hear, basic and effective.
  • Be especially careful when it comes to sex with a person whom you don't really know, for a simple comment could make them never want to see you again.

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8 thing you should't say to a man in bed
8 thing you should't say to a man in bed

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