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How to know if you are frigid

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to know if you are frigid

Frigidity is the inability of a woman to feel desire or sexual pleasure. This multifactorial disorder significantly affects a couple, since the man usually feels frustrated and rejected in the the absence of sex, so it is important to determine what causes this so we can fix it. If you think you might be in this situation, here are some tips to know if you're frigid.

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  1. What does it mean to be frigid?
  2. What are the symptoms?
  3. Why am I frigid?
  4. With your partner
  5. What to do

What does it mean to be frigid?

Frigidity is a type of sexual dysfunction in females marked by the absence of sexual desire, which leads to significantly reduced activity, creating a situation of tension, frustration and guilt within the relationship, where sometimes for lack of knowledge, she attributes the problem to a timely event instead of going to a specialist. Not to be confused with anorgasmia (incapacity to orgasm), or other pathological problems.

What are the symptoms?

Frigidity can be divided into two types:

  • Total: in which there is no type of sexual desire, marked by symptoms such as lack of arousal, lack of response to stimulation, lack of vaginal lubrication and the absence of pleasure and orgasms.
  • Partial: This second type appears in women that, despite the difficulty, get excited but after stimulation present difficulties in getting an orgasm. This is the most common.

Why am I frigid?

Frigidity may be due to hormonal causes such as reduced levels of oestrogen, or behavioural or psychological causes, either stress, chronic fatigue, or in most cases the women's relation to the subject of sex. If it is seen as taboo, as a forbidden topic, if you had previous experiences marked by pain or lack of pleasure, low self-esteem or if you've been a victim of sexual abuse. A long list of such factors might influence or cause frigidity.

With your partner

Addressing and seeking support in your partner is important. Frigidity is not an issue that is frequently spoken of, you hear more about erectile dysfunction than this condition, but it is real and it exists. If you are suffering, it is necessary to communicate with your partner, do not forget that the situation affects both of you.

What to do

If you are going through the menopause or any special situation where your oestrogen levels have been reduced, it is best to visit your gynaecologist so they can guide you through this subject. In most cases, with hormone supplements, this can typically be reactivated. If the problem is due to psychological or behavioural causes linked to your way of seeing sex, it is important that you consult a sex therapist or psychologist so you can follow and explore the real reasons for your lack of sexual desire.

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  • It is important to address the problem and not let go, a full sex life is synonymous with health and a healthy relationship.
  • Do not be afraid to talk about this problem with a specialist, overcome the taboos and fears and face the situation
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What can I do about being frigid?
Alba Charles (oneHOWTO editor)
You can visit your gynaecologist or a psychologist that can help you with this. A specialist is the best person to explain you how to overcome this problem.
How to know if you are frigid