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How To Know If You Have Reached Climax

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: November 20, 2018
How To Know If You Have Reached Climax

In a sexual relationship, the most intense and culminating point of pleasure that we can experience as both men and women, is the moment we reach orgasm. This intense moment, also called a climax, happens when, through sexual stimulation and excitement, we release different hormones, such as endorphins and oxytocin, that generate a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

However, there are people, especially women, who are not clear about whether they have experienced this culminating moment or not. If this is your case, in this article at oneHOWTO we answer the question of how to know if you have reached a climax and explain the different signs of a sexual orgasm.

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  1. Types of orgasms during sexual intercourse
  2. How to know if I have reached orgasm - most common signs
  3. Recommendations to achieve a fast orgasm

Types of orgasms during sexual intercourse

An orgasm is the most culminating point of a sexual relationship and is defined as a sudden discharge produced by the accumulated tension through different body stimulation's during sex either by: masturbation, penetration or other activities that sexually excite us.

Sexual stimulation does not have to be in a specific area of ​​our body and, therefore, we can distinguish the following types of female orgasms:

  • Clitorian Climax: it is one of the most common. The clitoris is a very sensitive organ of the female body, reaching to have more than eight thousand nerve endings, so that, through masturbation, either by yourself or by your partner, you can reach that intense point of sex.
  • Vaginal orgasm: it is one of the most difficult to reach. To achieve this, it is necessary that I know of a good stimulation through penetration or masturbation. However, very few people reach this sexual climax. In the case of men, this type of climax would be called traditional and would consist of stimulating only the penis, either by penetration and / or masturbation.
  • Sexual climax mixed: is the most intense, since the stimulation occurs simultaneously in the vagina and clitoris. In the male case, it would be called total orgasm and consists of stimulating both the penis and the testicles at the same time.
  • Anal orgasm: the anus, like the clitoris, is also an area with many nerve endings, so the sexual experience can be very intense. However, achieving this type of orgasm requires patience, practice and the necessary sexual tools (lubricants, anal plugs, etc).
How To Know If You Have Reached Climax - Types of orgasms during sexual intercourse

How to know if I have reached orgasm - most common signs

It is very normal, especially in those people with little sexual experience, to ask "how do I know if I have reached the climax?". Next, we will teach you how to identify the different stages or main signs that occur when a person is experiencing an orgasm:

  • Preorgasm: in this phase we can observe that, due to intense excitement, symptoms such as dilation of the pupils, lubrication of the genitals, hardened nipples and increased frequency of moans occur.
  • Sexual flushing: when this intense moment is about to occur, we can experience an increase in body temperature and, during the climax, have some areas of the body reddened such as the chest, abdomen and cheeks.
  • Myotononia: when we are experiencing so much pleasure, there may also be a stiffness in our limbs, either in the legs or in the fingers of the hands.
  • Unconscious muscle contraction: it is another very common sign of sexual culmination. Some people, especially women, feel the need to arch the back or pull back the neck because of pleasure.
  • Involuntary vaginal contraction: when the most intense climax occurs, women have this type of involuntary spasm on the walls of the vagina with a very short interval (0.8 seconds). In addition, it is accompanied by an increase in lubrication.
  • Ejaculation: in the case of men, it is one of the most common signs. However, there are also women who can experience a female ejaculation.
How To Know If You Have Reached Climax - How to know if I have reached orgasm - most common signs

Recommendations to achieve a fast orgasm

There is also the possibility that you ask yourself this question because, in reality, you have never experienced that intense pleasure during sex. If it is difficult for you to finish, in this section we explain a series of recommendations to make it easier for you to reach the climax:

  • Masturbate: it is absolutely necessary that you know your body and, for this, the best thing to do is to experiment through masturbation. In this way, it will be easier to guide your partner when you are practicing sex.
  • Communicate: the lack of communication during sex is one of the main reasons why ecstasy is not reached. Do not be embarrassed and guide your partner and tell him which things you like the most, how he should touch you and what he should avoid doing.
  • Preliminaries: it is true that, sometimes, it can be very exciting to make love abruptly and wildly. But it is also important that in most of your relationships there are some previous games where you dedicate time to each other without haste.
  • Sexual postures: there are certain positions that can excite us much more than others, and, therefore, help us achieve orgasm more quickly. Pass the classic "Missionary" and look for other positions that stimulate you more sexually.

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How To Know If You Have Reached Climax