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How to Make my Boyfriend Forget about his Ex

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 3, 2018
How to Make my Boyfriend Forget about his Ex

Expartners can be a nightmare. A ghost that appears to remind you that the person you are starting a relationship with has not always been yours. Although he wants to be with you, there are still one or two stumbling blocks that he needs to get over if he reminisces about the past, a past that you want to be over sooner rather than later.

Making your boyfriend forget about his ex is not an easy job, especially if you are starting a relationship and he might still have feelings for her. Similarly, you must understand that he is now with you. Time and new moments that you will both build together will do most of the work for you. Do not ask yourself this question anymore and read the tips in this oneHOWTO article.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing you should do to make your boyfriend forget about his ex is to establish some clear rules. If they are still in contact, she still contacts him, they meet up sometimes or he is still looking after her stuff, show him how uncomfortable this situation makes you feel. Tell him you understand that they want to be friends, but he is now with you and that does not make you feel happy. The less contact he has with her, the easier it will be for him to ignore any feelings that may remain.


There are certainly relationships that end and both ex's remain friends. However, when this happens, there is no objection to the ex's spending time with their new partners. Therefore, there should be no impediment in you accompanying your boyfriend if he goes anywhere to meet his ex. If he does not want that to happen and he prefers to be alone with her, you would be better off wondering if it's worth continuing that relationship.


If you go to meet your boyfriend's ex, do not behave in an uppity way with her. One way of making your boyfriend forget their ex is to show him that she does not make you feel insecure. You can even be friendly, talk to her and treat her like any other girl.

How to Make my Boyfriend Forget about his Ex - Step 3

If you notice that your boyfriend looks for support from his ex in some things, ask him how you can help. Find out what his interests are or what things they share in common which still tie him to her. Look for ways in which you can become interested so you can share those things with him and so it eliminates his need to go in search of her.

How to Make my Boyfriend Forget about his Ex - Step 4

In order for your boyfriend to forget about their ex, you also need to forget about her. If you spend all day thinking about her, looking for evidence as to what their relationship was like, stirring up the past and asking if he has spoken to her, you will just remind him about her even more. Do not become the person who is compared to his ex. On the contrary, ignore her existence so you can build a healthy relationship that is free of ghosts.


Be yourself. If you want your boyfriend to forget about his ex, the best way is for him to discover all the good things that you have to offer. Avoid copying old patterns of your boyfriend's relationship. Create plans and invent new things for him, without imposing your views or tastes on him. The idea is that you don't stop being you so someone likes you. Remember that he is with you because he wants to be with you.

How to Make my Boyfriend Forget about his Ex - Step 6

Finally, do not waste a lot of time fighting the ghost of an ex. Maybe your boyfriend no longer feels the same for her and you're the one who hasn't been able to get over it. It is also possible that he may still be in love with her, and in that case, it is best that you stay out of that love triangle where you'll only end up being hurt. When someone loves you and wants to be with you, no third parties come into it.

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karissa anderson
I need to know how to help my boyfriend forget about his ex, but im having allot of trouble any Ideas?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Karissa,

If your boyfriend is still not over their ex, it sounds like he is not being fair to you. We don't know enough about your situation to give comprehensive advice, but we think you should think about yourself. Do you want to be with someone if they do not prioritize you over someone they broke up with? Self-respect is not only vital for our well-being, it might help others in our lives to reassess their priorities.
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How to Make my Boyfriend Forget about his Ex