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How to Stop Thinking About Someone you Love

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 16, 2020
How to Stop Thinking About Someone you Love

Do you want to stop thinking about someone you love and care about? Whether they're your partner or not, it may be that they constantly occupy your thoughts. Thinking about someone continually or obsessively like this can often be an unhealthy habit, but you can learn put them out of your thoughts if you choose the right strategies. If you want to break free of the cycle, read on as we at OneHowTo.com explain how to stop thinking about someone.

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Steps to follow:


If you have a strong desire to remove that person from your thoughts, the first and foremost task is to look for distractions. Choose an activity that you like and that interests you enough to divert your attention from that someone who monopolises your mind.

Choose to do something that makes you feel happy, that makes you laugh and encourages your curiosity as much as possible. Besides trying to keep busy, you should be able to stop any harmful thoughts. Tell yourself that enough is enough.

How to Stop Thinking About Someone you Love - Step 1

You have to realise that you're thinking too much about that person. Something that really helps is to check your emotions. Be aware of what you're feeling. Sadness, frustration or longing could be a trigger for taking action and doing everything possible to stop thinking and trying to forget. Realise when you are feeling these emotions so you can actively try to put those thoughts out of your mind.

A good technique to start forgetting about someone is to dedicate a specific time each day for thinking about them. Reserving half an hour of your day to think about that person could help to get those thoughts out of your system. Choose a time of day when you feel least anxious, perhaps before bed.

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Talk to a friend or someone you trust to help you vent and let off steam. Friends can always lift your spirits when you're down. Listen to their advice and take it on board. A friend should not make you feel bad about the situation, but rather be objective and act as a positive influence.

Writing down your thoughts is also another good way of getting that person out of your mind. That way, you can limit your feelings to those specific lines. You must do everything possible to avoid getting stuck in the past, so that someone was part of other moments in your life but not now. Thinking about what might have been is very negative, so you will never get out of that emotional hole that you find yourself in.

How to Stop Thinking About Someone you Love - Step 3

They say laughter is the best medicine - and for good reason! Laughing increases your endorphins and lets you to forget about your worries. Your brain is involved in encouraging your whole body to make sounds and gestures. Laughter fights stress and banishes negative thoughts, especially any thoughts about that person you can't forget about. Learn about some of the benefits of laughter at OneHowTo.com

Have fun with your friends and do fun things because humour is the best medicine for the mind and soul. It is possible to stop thinking about someone, but only you have the ability to control your thoughts so it's up to you to take positive action - all you have to do is try.

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How to Stop Thinking About Someone you Love