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How to Keep my Partner from Leaving Me

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Keep my Partner from Leaving Me

Are things not going quite right in your relationship? There are times when you may feel that your partner is becoming more distant from you and you do not really understand why. This can make you feel insecure and afraid. The keys to making your relationship work are quite simple and in this article you will discover them so you can get rid of your fears once and for all. There are many external circumstances that may affect the happiness of a relationship but many others depend on you. If you want this person to be head over heels in love with you and to never even think about leaving you, at OneHowTo we'll tell you how to keep your partner from leaving you.

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Steps to follow:


One of the first things that you should bear in mind so that your partner wants to remain by your side is to remember everything that made you fall in love. Don't underestimate or take anything for granted. When you've been together for a long time, it is natural to start seeing the person you love as simply part of your routine. Reflect on what you love about your partner and don't forget it. You may love the way they look at you, their gestures, nice touches when they're totally unexpected, their gait, how passionate they are....

Whatever it may be, never forget it because that was where your love came from. From time to time, you should tell them how great they are, without going over the top. At the end of the day, the best way of showing love is through actions. Make actions reinforce your words.

How to Keep my Partner from Leaving Me - Step 1

Always listen attentively to lead a healthy life as a couple and so your partner can feel valued. It is very easy to end up disengaging from a conversation, but a way to show you care about the person you love is to carry on listening to everything they tell you. If you pay them attention, they will feel grateful and valued. So when they speak, don't turn into a wall. You should listen and ask questions occasionally to show that you're following everything they're saying to you, and especially to help to enrich the conversation. You'll encourage them to share their thoughts with you when they want.


Married life is complicated and sometimes problems or confusion can make interaction more difficult. Above all, it is essential that you avoid constantly blaming your partner so that he/she does not want to leave. You cannot spend time blaming your partner and reproaching them for everything that happens to you. They will feel judged and you will always end up on the defensive. There are many ways of saying things without blaming them. Always treat them with respect.

Neither is it a good strategy to constantly lecture them. Don't give advice unless you're asked. Don't become one of their parents. Remember that you are both equals and it's better share rather than force issues. By adopting this attitude, you'll show that you do not trust your partner and they'll end up hating your attitude. If they ask you for advice, listen and then help. They may just want to let off steam.

How to Keep my Partner from Leaving Me - Step 3

In order to have a good relationship and so that no one causes a break-up, it's very important to talk about everything, even the most embarrassing things. Share your feelings and your needs with your partner. Don't hold back because this will adversely affect your emotional well-being. If you open up your heart and allow the person you love to do so too, everything will be much better, trust will flow and improve, and you will both feel great. It is very important you don't ignore your partner's needs or deny them. Show them that you love them as they are, even though you may not share the same interests.


To prevent your partner from leaving you you must start connecting with them face to face. Forget new technologies or put them aside because, deep down, they isolate people from one another by blocking the channel of communication with the person next to you (which is what should matter the most). Spend time talking to them without technological devices. Look each other in the eyes, touch each other and talk to each other without texting on your mobile.

If you live with your partner, you'll have to avoid all these devices at times but if you can't, talk to them on the phone and even via Skype so you can see each other better. In addition to enhancing communication, you have to find things you like doing as a couple: from having a coffee in your favourite place to taking a stroll around town. Sharing things makes a relationship stronger.

How to Keep my Partner from Leaving Me - Step 5

One of the keys to your partner feeling happy and not wanting to end the relationship is that they feel they've got time to themselves. A couple's relationship functions better when not everything is focused on life with your partner. This doesn't mean that your friends should be the main focus and you should forget about your partner. It's important to have an identity that is enriched by more people. That way you'll show that you totally trust your partner and this will have a positive result on your relationship. As much as you love them, no one can meet all the needs of a relationship and this will make your time together even more special.


Another essential part within a relationship is to be kind and thoughtful. Give them gifts, regardless of their value. You can leave notes telling them how you feel, make them breakfast or buy them something they really want. These are small daily gestures of love that will nurture your relationship.

Demonstrations of affection can help, as well as physical contact. If you know what your partner likes, do it. Help them understand that you love and desire them and that they are adorable.

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How to Keep my Partner from Leaving Me