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How to Make My Girlfriend Miss Me

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make My Girlfriend Miss Me

Sometimes in our relationships we're not sure how the other person feels about us and we wonder if they would miss us when we are not with them. Our insecurity can make us doubt how much our partner cares about us.

If we think too much about it, don't stop calling the other person or feel overwhelmed with unfounded fears, we inevitably end up pushing this person away from us. If you're asking yourself "how do I make my girlfriend miss me?", at OneHowTo we want to help you so that she always keep you in her thoughts.

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Steps to follow:

I'm afraid to lose my girlfriend:

Try to avoid obsessive behaviours sides revealing insecurity and fear of losing her. Try to lose that fear and remember that if she loves you, she will be there for you. Do not call her a thousand times a day, and let her know in a subtle way that you have other things to do than just talking to her. Explain that there are certain times when you can't talk; you will do so outside of those hours.

When you speak on the phone, avoid saying things like "do you miss me?" or "have you been thinking of me?" Don't keep repeating them endlessly in every conversation you have. It's not about being unromantic, but rather about not being too clingy. If she says that she misses you on Monday, she probably also will on Wednesday.

Try to keep your conversations fun, explain what you do during your day and anecdotes about what happened to you. Take an interest in what she does and how she feels, but above all listen to her. Build up communication.

Most importantly, do not be possessive of her time and attention.

How to Make My Girlfriend Miss Me - Step 1

How do I make my girlfriend miss me?

When staying over, limit your visits to only those that are necessary in order to make the relationship work. Don't pay her multiple, unexpected visits because she won't miss you as much. The worst thing that you can do is to become controlling and to go searching for her at school or work every day, making unexpected visits and getting angry when she spends time with somebody else.

You have to let her live her life and you have to live yours. Branch out from your relationship with your girlfriend by hanging out with other friends of any gender, your family, or simply with activities that you do alone.

Don't reproach your girlfriend for having her own life. Don't make her choose between you and her friends or her family. If you also keep your own private sphere it will be easier for both of you and your life will not revolve around her. If you separate your own life and your life as a couple it will make her miss you and this will keep your flame of passion burning for a long time.

How to Make My Girlfriend Miss Me - Step 2

How should I talk to my girlfriend?

Don't tell her everything, keep a little to yourself. Some mystery will make her more curious. It's not about deceiving her, but simply about not being too forward, giving her more information over time. If you tell her everything on day one, she won't feel the need to find out more about you, your feelings, worries and expectations.

Show that you are communicative, but don't tell her all about your previous love life until later. If she asks you directly, answer, but do not go into too much detail. Mystery is one of the sexiest attributes in a relationship. However, don't overdo it; a shut-off person, who reveals nothing about their life and who merely responds with one-word answers may seem dark and as if they are hiding something (negative, of course). It's best to find a middle ground that means you are not to seem too evasive but not too expressive either.

How to Make My Girlfriend Miss Me - Step 3

How do I make my girlfriend jealous?

It is better to avoid trying to make her jealous because it can become a problem. If she thinks that you're interested in other girls, she may pay more attention to you, but she could also feel insecure and stop trusting you. That is very dangerous and could damage or break your relationship, and it would mean manipulating her. It is better if she keeps her life and you keep your personal sphere: Playing with jealousy is playing with fire. You could lose her.

When you're with her, dedicate yourself to her well-being. Listen to her, take her to the places she likes and show that you are fun and caring. If she has a good time with you, you'll be on her mind every day. It will be hard for her not to miss you if every time she sees you turns into an unforgettable event.

In summary, be yourself, keep your personal space, be a little mysterious, don't hurt her with playing at jealousy and be fun-loving and caring when you're with her. You will keep her keen, no doubt.

How to Make My Girlfriend Miss Me - Step 4

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How to Make My Girlfriend Miss Me