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How to Accept my Partner's Child

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Accept my Partner's Child

When you encounter a problem with a child, as may be the case with your partner's child, you must act like an adult. You must be fully aware that a child has not fully developed their social skills, so you need to be lenient with them. If you haven't played the role of educator since they were little, then you have to be very patient and assume that role when it's your turn. At OneHowTo we offer a number of tips which will explain how to accept my partner's child.

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Steps to follow:


First of all, you need to adopt a positive attitude and never dramatise. If you do, all you'll achieve is suffering and you'll jeopardise your relationship with your partner. Their child will always come first, especially when they're still a young child, and so they should do. In any case, if your partner has a young child who is not the most important person to them, you should worry about their values.


You should assume that it is natural for their child to be present and that they are inseparable from your partner. Just do not try to play the role of their father or mother, as that's not your role. You're the partner of the little one's father or mother. So you will always be important to them, especially if the relationship is stable and you are living together, but you will be disappointed if you think you are at the same level as their parents.


Right from the start, it is best to assume that you won't be accepted well by the little one when accepting your partner's child. Children are children and they will act like that. Even children who are better behaved, it is not surprising that they see their parent's partner as a rival who can take away love and attention from them.

How to Accept my Partner's Child - Step 3

Therefore, deal with any pouting or insolent behaviour by your partner's child as normal childishness and don't place too much importance on it. Take it for what it is, childishness. Of course, there is a limit to everything. If, over time, their child keeps behaving in this way, you should warn your partner about your uneasiness, and that it may be suitable to gently reproach them.


Another mental trick you can use is to think that, thanks to them, you will have much more valuable moments when you are alone together, without the little one around. When you have free time to enjoy with their child, you'll also be surprised by all the fun plans you can do as a couple with children. In this sense, take it as an opportunity.

How to Accept my Partner's Child - Step 5

On the other hand, it will help you to accept your partner's child when you realise that you can see how your partner behaves with their little one. It is an excellent opportunity for you to find out if they are a suitable person for you to start your own family. That said, their little one will always be a part of them.


Finally, a very important thing you need to bear in mind is that you should never make your partner choose between their children and you. It is normal that you feel jealous at some point, but making them choose between the two of you will only make things worse. Not to mention that they will probably choose their children. Don't ask this kind of questions as it might hurt the feelings of both of you.

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How to Accept my Partner's Child