How to sexually satisfy a woman

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 28, 2017
How to sexually satisfy a woman

Although sex is a very pleasurable activity, studies have shown that an important percentage of women (about 70%) don't normally reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. This can be due to many reasons, but the most common of all is that the male sexual response is different from the female, and women take a little longer to climax, so if they're not properly stimulated, it becomes difficult to reach orgasm during sex.

Want to find out how to sexually satisfy a woman? Read on, because in the following article we'll give you some tips about how to do it.

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Steps to follow:

While it takes young men an average of 10 seconds to achieve an erection in reaction to a stimulus, women take almost twice as long to get aroused. With this simple example, it can be shown that women don't achieve pleasure so easily, so it's important to focus on satisfying your partner while encouraging her to do the same for you. This will not only make it easier for her to reach orgasm, but she'll also enjoy herself more in bed. Find out how to tell if a woman is aroused at


If you want to satisfy a woman in bed avoid skipping foreplay, because it's essential to turn a woman on. It's not enough to devote three minutes to stimulate your partner's erogenous zones, but to give special attention to foreplay.

This will help your partner become more lubricated and feel more aroused, ready to enjoy penetration and reach orgasm faster.


Don't be afraid to ask your partner what she likes, make her feel comfortable and free to say what she wants in bed. Knowing what she most enjoys in terms of sex is fundamental to satisfying her in bed, so you should have clear communication and foster a relationship in which mutual understanding is the key. If you are dating a taller woman, learn how to please her.


Kissing, touching and words are important to women during sex If you limit yourself to just brief foreplay and then penetration, leaving aside the pleasure of intense kisses, caresses and sexy language, the encounter will be very basic.

Woman enjoy and get excited by kissing and touching during sex, and they like to hear how much you want them or how you like what you're doing, so don't leave this part out!


Wait until your partner is very aroused before starting penetration. While for men sex is the ultimate pleasure, when your partner is enjoying herself during foreplay, you'll also share in her pleasure. If she's enjoying it, you will too.


Once penetration has begun, don't stop stimulating her erogenous zones like the clitoris, breasts or neck, provided that the positions allow it. This will keep her very excited and able to achieve orgasm more easily.


Control the pace during penetration, while you both enjoy it and remember that the key to sexually satisfying a woman is to always think of the other person and not just yourself.

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How to sexually satisfy a woman
How to sexually satisfy a woman

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