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How to reach female climax

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to reach female climax

Orgasm, also known as climax is the peak of sexual pleasure, releasing endorphins that make us feel good and that leaves us wanting to repeat the experience. Although every sexual encounter is different and of course every woman is different, there are some important points to consider to reach an orgasm, both on the part of the women and the men, which is why we offer some key points to you so you can discover how to reach female climax.

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Steps to follow:


The first tip is for women. When having sex, it is important to put your problems, anxieties and frustrations aside, they are a burden that makes your mind unable to enjoy it. When it comes to pleasure, adopt an attitude of enjoyment from beginning to end, remember this. Let youself go and feel every inch of your body and let your partner caress you, he want you to enjoy yourself as much as you do.


Men need to know that when it comes to sex, for women, every step matters, from making the first move to orgasm, everything is important. This is why they need contact, caresses, slow kisses, stimulation, touching certain areas, in short everything that is known as foreplay.


Every woman is different, but physically speaking there are two important erogenous zones in the female body: the breasts and the clitoris. So it is extremely important to stimulate them, gently to start with and then as the rate increases you should accelerate the stimulation a little more, always taking into account the sensitivity of these areas. This can make the difference between reaching orgasm or not.


Explore and open your mind. Every relationship has a different dynamic so don't be afraid to try and stimulate her. Subtly ask if she likes what you are doing, look out for signs as they are a guide to lead both of you to pleasure, and of course always pay attention to her reactions, a moan for example, is a gesture of pleasure that indicates that what you are doing is good and you're on the right track.


The position also matters, as the clitoris is a very sensitive area, the positions that allow the penis to rub this area are usually the best for women to achieve orgasm, for example, on her side or when the woman is sitting on top of the man. Discover what they are in this article and use them as a tool to your advantage to get maximum pleasure.


For him, don't fear bringing her to orgasm before penetration, and for her, don't avoid it either. Women can have multiple orgasms because they retain blood in the pelvic area after climax, so if she has been caressed and received good stimulation during foreplay and reaches her pleasure peak, continue to stimulate her slowly for a while and then penetrate her slowly, always returning to the positions she enjoys the most to continue the fun.


Each encounter is different, so try something new every time; there are many positions to experience, many toys to use, and many techniques to apply. Sex is a world of immense possibilities, avoid falling into monotony or you will both get bored eventually.


For women, enjoying it doesn't always have to involve reaching orgasm, although it is the ideal state of pleasure. Good foreplay and sex can also be satisfying even without reaching climax. So if it doesn't happen occasionally don't get frustrated, it doesn't always have to be perfect.


The key to achieving female orgasm is to please, let yourself be pleased, stimulating properly, slowly, gladly and patiently, and then enjoy every moment and every position, don't be afraid to explore and learn more about it.


Don't forget that as important as foreplay is, so too is your attitude after sex. Hugs, talking, the delicious intimacy after sex that is highly valued by women, pay attention, because it is one of the key points that makes the difference between a good lover and another who is not.


If you've tried everything you've read and yet she still doesn't orgasm, it is important to visit a specialist as she could suffer from anorgasmia. Don't feel ashamed to discuss these problems with an expert.

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  • Sex is an important component of a couple's relationship, it boosts intimacy and allows you to create a unique space for you two, so enjoy it to the fullest.
  • It promotes exploration and experimentation, read about it together, buy a Kama Sutra guide, watch programs about sex, you could learn a lot about the subject and yourselves.
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How to reach female climax