How to Caress a Woman

By Mary Smith. Updated: August 23, 2017
How to Caress a Woman

Caresses are fundamental in a relationship. They're a sign of affection and love for the other person, who, with a simple touch, can feel more appreciated. They are small gestures of love that can comfort and soothe, showing mutual understanding or tenderness in a couple. But sensual caresses also have an important role in intimacy. They are ideal for seducing, igniting passion, excitement and increasing sexual desire in both partners. OneHOWTO are here to help you discover how to caress a woman.

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Caress her face

Our first lesson tip on how to caress a woman is to start by caressing your partner's face and hair. Gently massage her scalp, caress the area around her eyes and move down her nose with your fingertips. Along with sweet caresses, give tender kisses on her face, cheeks and chin and you'll manage to excite her and leave her begging for more. Always start slowly and pick up the pace. It builds tension and she will be dying for you to give her more.

And then her lips

Once you have teased her with every inch of her face excluding her lips, then you can satisfy them. The lips are one of the most prominent erogenous zones for women and very important to caress a lady. Kisses that are gentle, passionate, wet, etc. accompanied by tender or heavy petting, are very arousing and provocative. Alternate soft kisses, caresses and nibbles and watch how your partner's libido increases and how she enjoys it. But again, start slow and gentle, then build it up. Be patient, but don't wait too long!

The neck is a great spot

In order to caress a lady well you will have to explore this area. As we know, the neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body and touching this area can be very exciting for women. Stroke the back of her neck and start by kissing her shoulders and moving to her neck, and don't forget to kiss and nibble on her ear. She'll be delightfully surprised by the very pleasurable sensations.

Now how to caress a woman's breasts

The breasts have countless concentrated nerve endings and caresses in this erogenous zone are great to arouse a woman by touch. Always remember how sensitive this area is and use gentle circular motions. Slowly increase the intensity of the caresses, licking around the breasts and nipples. Have fun with her breasts but don't spend too much time on them before you get to the best bits...

Time to move lower...

A little known area that is important in learning how to caress a woman is the lumbar area. Massages in this particular area of the back increase blood flow to the pelvis, and are ideal for causing her relaxation and pleasure just before stimulating her most intimate area. After massaging the lumbar area, you can run your hands down her hips to her thighs. The inner thighs are very close to her genitals, so that stroking and applying pressure with your hands adds to her excitement, longing and increases her desire.

The labia near the vaginal opening are the most sensitive parts of the female body. Use your fingers to masturbate your partner and drive her wild with pleasure. Always use extremely gentle caresses, while combining manual stimulation with oral sex.

Gently stimulate her clitoris

When you caress a lady and notice she is very excited, it's time to move on to clitoral stimulation, maximising her pleasure even more. Remember that it's a very sensitive area and it deserves a delicate touch and light caresses. It's best to alternate between manual stimulation with oral sex to ensure that the area is always well lubricated and that your partner doesn't feel any discomfort. Massage the clitoris with the tip of your tongue and you'll bring her to the heights of pleasure.

Stimulate the perineum

Another way to caress a woman that's very arousing is to stimulate the perineum. Are you familiar with where this is? It's located between the vagina and the anus and is often overlooked by men. It's an erogenous zone that generates a great deal of pleasure. Surprise her with gentle caresses and when she's well lubricated, put one of your fingers inside her vagina. This is a great way to arouse a woman without using penetration.

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How to Caress a Woman
How to Caress a Woman

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