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The Best Foreplay to Satisfy a Man

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 13, 2017
The Best Foreplay to Satisfy a Man

If you want to drive a man crazy in bed, it's essential to start with foreplay, the games before sex that turn your man on and increase his sexual desire. There are many theories about whether or not a man needs foreplay, but the truth is that it's one of the best rituals to arouse him and ensure that your relationship is amazing. In this article at oneHOWTO we'll give you all the details about the best foreplay for your man so you can bring him to ecstasy every time.

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Steps to follow:


First of all, keep in mind that an important part of sex has to do with the setting. That is, besides the physical pleasure that comes with the sense of touch, sex encompasses all of the senses. Therefore, it's important to focus on scent (wear a sexy fragrance),as much as on sight (apply makeup and wear sexy lingerie and he'll go crazy). With these previous stimuli, your man will be ready for the anticipated foreplay, but don't let go of the excitement, it's fundamental.


One of the hottest aspects of foreplay are gentle bites all over the body. Start at the lips, nibbling his earlobe, neck, the back of the neck and his legs and drive him wild in just a few minutes. There's no rush, so move slowly down his body, gently biting him without touching his genitals. Starting out slow and progressively building up to the finale of sex is very tantalizing.

The Best Foreplay to Satisfy a Man - Step 2

Voyeurism is part of sexual arousal and for men, it's much more effective than for women. Your partner will be turned on both physically and visually, so besides wearing sexy lingerie, we recommend that you delight him with a suggestive striptease, inviting him to touch you while he watches.

To do this freely, it's important that you throw off all inhibitions or shyness, that you feel sexy and use all the wiles of feminine seduction. Here's a tip: if you're too shy, try dimming the lights and wearing a mask. He'll love it and your shyness will disappear.


As we've said previously, men get turned on while watching, so another perfect part of foreplay is to masturbate together, that is each person masturbates while watching the other do the same. It's quite exciting and you'll both be very turned on without even touching one another. Don't hurry to have sex. The foreplay will be so arousing that when you do eventually get to the sex, it'll be mind-blowing.

The Best Foreplay to Satisfy a Man - Step 4

Whisper dirty things to one another. It's one of the best aspects of foreplay for men. Kiss, bite and touch your man with sexy whispers and dirty phrases that'll have him begging for more. Tell him how you want him to do this or that to you. Be creative and use your imagination, you know what foreplay women need, get creative on your partner too!


Your breasts are your best asset. Men love breasts and adore playing with them and your body during foreplay. For example, give him a back rub and supporting your breasts against his skin, slowly move all the way down his back to his buttocks, so he feels them along his whole body. He also loves you to put your breasts in his face and his mouth so he can kiss them.

You can also masturbate him with your breasts, it'll drive him crazy.

The Best Foreplay to Satisfy a Man - Step 6

Oral sex is also one of men's foreplay favourites so if you really want to turn him on, be sure to do it. You can also try new things and play around with a little whipped cream, chocolate and so on. The idea is that you both enjoy oral sex and share an amazing experience. Men love 69, i.e., mutual oral stimulation. At OneHowTo.com we'll tell you how to do 69.


Anal stimulation. Although some might consider it taboo, the fact is that the rectum is where the male G-spot is and thus can be a source of intense pleasure when all prejudice is thrown aside. You can try this while doing oral sex, stroking his testicles and gradually getting closer to the area.

Don't use your finger, just go around the anus, lightly touching it and watching his reaction. If all goes well, use the tip of your little finger and experiment.

The Best Foreplay to Satisfy a Man - Step 8

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The Best Foreplay to Satisfy a Man