How to stimulate the male G-spot

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to stimulate the male G-spot

The mythical G-spot, so coveted by everyone who wants to give or receive pleasure, isn't exclusive to women. Although access to this wonderful spot isn't easy, at we'll provide with some important tips to consider so you know how to stimulate the male G-spot and give your partner all the pleasure he deserves.

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Difficult but not impossible

The male G-spot is in a place that's not easy to access, since it's located a few centimetres from the anus, in the prostate, causing many men to be immediately opposed to the possibility of receiving pleasure in this way. However, you should know that there are two ways to stimulate it, internally, through anal penetration, or externally, which is a bit more complicated, but not impossible and the perfect choice for more reluctant men.

Anal stimulation

Before stimulating your partner's G-spot through anal penetration, it's very important that he agrees to it. Otherwise you could create an awkward situation and remember that the key to sexual pleasure is that both partners agree to give and receive. You can stimulate him with your finger, but to do this, you'll need a lubricant and latex gloves or condoms to make the job easier and remember that it's also important that your fingernails are short. Find all the important considerations to take into account in our article on how to prepare for anal sex.

Where and how

Once ready, put your finger into his anus, which initially will contract, but slowly and gently move it inside a few centimetres until you feel a small lump. This is the prostate and means that you've reached the right place. Start by stroking gently and observe your partner's reaction. Start with a very gentle stroke technique, to try it out and see how he likes it.

From the outside

It's not easy, but practice makes perfect. The skin between your partner's testicles and his anus is the spot you should stimulate from the outside. A great technique is to start with a good session of oral sex, touching and caressing his balls, kissing them, and bringing your tongue to that point where you can massage it or gently press it with your finger. You might get lucky the first time or you might need to take a little longer, but men usually experience great pleasure when being touched here so don't hesitate to try it.

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  • Make sure that anal stimulation is what your partner really wants, because it's a very sensitive spot
  • Experiment first from the outside and observe your partner's reaction each time you touch him with your hands or tongue, causing him enormous pleasure

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How to stimulate the male G-spot
How to stimulate the male G-spot

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