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How to Stimulate the Anus

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Stimulate the Anus

Anal sex is an activity that, despite the many taboos that surround it, generates enormous pleasure for lots of couples. But in some cases fear is the only thing stopping both people enjoying this experience, and the only way to overcome it is to begin to associate the act with pleasure. But how do we do this? ? Like many things related to sex, the secret is in foreplay. At oneHowTo, we have some suggestions on how to stimulate the anus.

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Steps to follow:


When touching the anus, is very normal for the instinctive reaction to be to contract it. So before penetration, it is necessary to relax and dilate, hence the importance of foreplay and stimulation.


The anus is full of nerve endings, so pleasure that involves their stimulation is very strong. So, relax and allow your partner to play and make you reach your climax with a powerful anal orgasm.


Start by lubricating your finger and begin to massage the area with soft circular motions . This, as well as generate pleasure, will help your partner to relax and start enjoying themselves.


A great strategy to increase arousal is to stimulate the clitoris, or perform oral sex on your partner. This will increase their levels of pleasure.


Kissing and massaging the anal area with your tongue is also a great strategy which creates enormous pleasure, but it is important to keep the area clean so that it is also pleasurable for your partner. Learn how to give a rim job that is sure go get your partner ready for anal sex.


Anal stimulation requires time; it cannot be rushed as it is a delicate process that requires attention to ensure good results.


Start stimulating your partners anus, but let them know that this does not necessarily mean that you will engage in anal sex the very same day. Do it several times until they feel comfortable and relaxed enough to enjoy penetration.


Be patient and progress in small steps and they will begin to enjoy anal stimulation and then move on to intercourse.

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lar Ca
I learn to stimulate and arouse my anus by contracting and relaxing. I am a bi male and I also arouse my anus by watching gay porn in anticipation of anal penetration. I do climax during penetration with no self penile masturbation, and this is only possible because of g spot (prostate) stimulation by the partners penis!
How to Stimulate the Anus