Which sexual positions stimulate the G spot

By Mary Smith. Updated: July 18, 2017
Which sexual positions stimulate the G spot

It is no secret that there is a famous, hidden place inside the vagina, that offers maximum pleasure through powerful orgasms. Not everyone knows how to reach it, but once you get there, enjoyment is guaranteed. Why do some sex positions please a woman more than others? Why do certain positions trigger absolute pleasure? Well because without knowing it, these touch the G spot. Leave behind the mystery and discover which sexual positions stimulate the G spot.


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What and where is the G-spot?

The G spot is a highly erogenous area. When stimulated, it can lead to strong sexual arousal and intense orgasms. It is named after Eric Grafenberg, a German gynaecologist, who discovered this sensitive area during research on women. The problem with the G spot is, not everyone can seem to locate it easily and some people are unsure what it actually is. Likewise, it has not been confirmed how small or large it is.

However, we do know that it lies on the anterior wall of the vagina, about 5 to 8 cm above the opening.

The easiest way to find it is by inserting fingers with your palm facing upwards.The G spot is also referred to as the female prostate because its tissue surrounds an area that produces chemicals like those made by the male prostate. If you did not know, this is the gland that creates fluid to nourish sperm.

Because of the desire to find this elusive area, let's move onto some kamasutra G spot positions for your stimulation and pleasure.

Which sexual positions stimulate the G spot - What and where is the G-spot?


An all time classic, the Missionary position is not as boring as it sounds, and it almost always gives a safe orgasm. This is because of the way in which the penis enters the vagina, allowing G-spot stimulation. In addition, it provides contact through kissing, carressing the breasts, etc. It is a position that will never go out of style.

Which sexual positions stimulate the G spot - Missionary

Go deep

Deep is a major position for stimulating the G spot again by tilting penetration. Although this position requires the male to have strong arms and does not allow kissing or touching, it should be experienced - the results are orgasmic.

Intensify this kamasutra g-spot experience by adding a pillow underneath the woman to create a better angle for him to reach the G-spot. As the man moves, the woman can put pressure on her lower abdomen to stimulate the G spot from the outside. This pressure slightly pulls on the hood of the clitoris. Intense sensations!

Which sexual positions stimulate the G spot - Go deep

Doggy style

Guys love the Doggy position, it is one of their favorite kamasutra g spot sex positions. Although many girls do it just to please the guy, the truth is that this position allows friction against the front vaginal wall. So, next time indulge yourself discovering the pleasure in this erotic pose.Similar to doggy, you could do The Elephant position. The difference is the woman lies back with her legs spread slightly raising the pelvic area while being penetrated from behind. This stimulates the G-spot whilst the man touches the clitoris with the movement of his penis - certainly guaranteed for both to orgasm.

Which sexual positions stimulate the G spot - Doggy style

The Embrace

Not everyone can do The Embrace. Ideally, the female should be light or the man very strong. And, they must also be coordinated, as it is he who sets the pace, but the bending of the penis during penetration favors G spot stimulation. So if you can, give it a try. this kamasutra G spot madness will have you addicted!

Which sexual positions stimulate the G spot - The Embrace

The Amazon

The Amazon is our final kamasuta g spot position. Another option for experts and for which the woman must have strong thighs and preferably be used to exercising them. The man relaxes while the female sits (squats) on his penis setting the pace, the pleasure is secured to the G spot, but not everyone can do it.

Which sexual positions stimulate the G spot - The Amazon

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  • If she does not orgasm easily, after foreplay and stimulation of the clitoris, try these positions
  • Remember that exploration is key, so do not be afraid to try new things

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