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Stimulating The Male G-Spot

Stimulating The Male G-Spot

Yes, we all know that women have a G-spot, but did you know a man also has a G-spot? The male G-spot is not often spoken about, but we think it should be! Also known as the P-spot or R-spot, this male erogenous zone, when stimulated, is sure to make your man orgasm in a matter of seconds!

The male G-spot is an erogenous zone that holds thousands of nerve endings that will make your boyfriend or partner’s orgasm more intense and longer-lasting. But, where is the male G-spot? And, how do you stimulate the male G-spot? Keep reading here at OneHOWTO and find out how to give your male partner the best orgasm he’s ever experienced!

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  1. Where is the male G-spot?
  2. Stimulating the male G-Spot (or P-Spot)
  3. Stimulating male G-Spot: TOP TIPS!
  4. Stimulating the female G-Spot

Where is the male G-spot?

The P- spot (from "prostate"), is one of the main male erogenous zones. This spot has a shape similar to that of a chestnut, although its size can vary depending on age.

In addition to its shape, the P-spot is a very sensitive area because it contains a considerable amount of nerve endings. Therefore, men who have had their g-spot stimulated, or stimulated it themselves, usually agree that these orgasms are longer-lasting and more intense than penis stimulated orgasms. In fact, these men also claim that when stimulating their P-spot, they ejaculated a larger amount of sperm than through normal standard sexual intercourse.

But where is the male G-spot, or P-spot? This sensitive area is located in a glandular organ of the genitourinary apparatus, accessed from the rectum. The male G-spot is located approximately 5 centimeters from the anus entrance, just at the neck of the bladder.

Stimulating The Male G-Spot - Where is the male G-spot?

Stimulating the male G-Spot (or P-Spot)

As we have already mentioned, playing with and stimulating this male erogenous zone can help achieve a much more intense and lasting orgasm than simply stimulating the penis. However, knowing how to activate this male erogenous zone is key! Here are two ways of stimulating the male P-Spot:

Stimulating male G-spot: Method 1

The first method aims at producing a fairly intense orgasm by massaging the area of ​​the male perineum. To do this, gently pressing and massaging the perineal area, the space between the testicles and the anus, with your index finger.

Stimulating male G-spot: Method 2

This method requires a little more time and patience when trying to achieve an orgasm. To stimulate the P-spot well, follow these steps:

  1. Start by gently massaging the perineal area and skin around the anus with you fingers.
  2. Once you noticed that your man is erect and excited, you will start by slowly and gently introducing your finger into his anus. This needs to be done gently in order for the man to feel comfortable. Because the anus is generally very tight and difficult to enter without causing pain, we recommend using some lube for the finger to enter more smoothly.
  3. Keep massaging the anus and perineal area, always making sure your man feels comfortable.
  4. Once finger penetration moves more smoothly and he has agreed, start moving your finger faster with a little more force until he orgasms.

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Stimulating male G-Spot: TOP TIPS!

If you’ve never stimulated the male P-Spot before, we have some tips to help you make sure this is a great and pleasurable experience! Our top tips on how to stimulate the male g-spot include:

  • Use lubricants: as we mentioned before, lube will help you to stimulate the P- spot with more ease. If you don’t have any lube, you may be wondering, is it wrong to use saliva as lubricant?
  • Shower with hot water: submerging oneself in hot water for a while will help relax the anal muscles for a more pleasurable experience.
  • Practice G-SPOT stimulation: before performing our method 2 of g-spot stimulation, we recommend trying method 1 first: external anus stimulation. This way, if your man has never been anally stimulated before, he can get used to this new sensation.
  • Maintain proper hygiene: hands house a lot of dirt and bacteria, therefore, before stimulating the male g-spot, make sure to wash your hands properly and thoroughly to avoid infection!

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Stimulating The Male G-Spot - Stimulating male G-Spot: TOP TIPS!

Stimulating the female G-Spot

And, while on this topic of g-spot stimulation, we cannot forget about the women! For more about giving someone the best orgasm, we recommend reading:

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Simon Kamong
Thank you very much for seeing your site on Stimulating Male P-spot which is a surprise to me.
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John Silvers
I learned to deal with dry orgasm after radical prostatectomy 28 years. Now after discovering PSA has climbed to 12, I'm now in surveillance mode, but the frenulum area no longer sensitive to produce an orgasm. Any suggestions?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi John,

We suggest you seek a doctor's advice. All the best.
You apparently don't understand "surveillannce mode". My oncologist suggested it as an option for a couple months, but that wasn't my question.
So if i want to stimulate the male g-spot , should I use gloves, or can i just clean my hands? what type of lube is best for this
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Danee
When stimulating the P-spot you don’t require gloves. BUT you must make sure that your hands have been cleaned well beforehand to avoid the transfer of bacteria.
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