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How to Stimulate the G spot

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 20, 2017
How to Stimulate the G spot

Everyone has heard of this small and coveted spot, but few have learned what you need to do to reach it and give your partner maximum pleasure; the G point located behind the pubic bone and around the urethra, a space that hides the ability to make a woman have a powerful orgasm, this is why on oneHOWTO we have unveiled the clues of how to stimulate the G spot.

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  1. How to get there
  2. Key points
  3. During sex
  4. Why is the G spot important
  5. Sex toys
  6. Stimulators

How to get there

For women, getting to the G spot is a simple task, because it is a few inches from the opening of the vagina, on the top of the front wall. Penises curved upwards have the ability to hit the G-spot during penetration, which pleasures their partner, other guys can use manual stimulation, sexual positions or use a special dildo.

To find it, insert one or two fingers in your vagina and bend them upwards and slightly backwards. It is found around two to three inches in the vaginal cavity. There, you will notice a spongy area, this is called Skene's gland, where you will find clitoris terminations.

We advise you to stimulate your genitalia to find your g-spot, as it will be highly difficult to find it while there are no contractions occurring in the vaginal walls, which fill the Skene's gland with fluid.

How to Stimulate the G spot - How to get there

Key points

If you opt for manual stimulation you must put your finger between 2.5 and 7.5 centimeters into the vagina , as each body is different, always bending them upwards. At first, touching it can cause the sensation to urinate, this is temporary and it is quickly replaced by pleasure as the man delicately touches this area, this interspersed with clitoral stimulation can provide a powerful orgasm without the need for penetration.

If you stimulate the G spot properly, a woman can even achieve squirting.

During sex

Different sex positions can help female G-spot stimulation, hence they are preferred by many, sometimes without knowing why, such as deep penetration and missionary. Here you can find the full list of sex positions to stimulate the g-spot.

How to Stimulate the G spot - During sex

Why is the G spot important

Stimulating the G-spot is not only a strategy to increase pleasure during sex, but it also is helpful for those girls who don't orgasm easily, good clitoral and G-spot stimulation and penetration ensures women achieve maximum pleasure more effectively, so it is worth a try.

Sex toys

It is difficult for the woman to find the G-spot alone through masturbation, and if a couple have tried manually without success, or if you want to locate it alone to guide your partner, the best option is to resort to a special dildo for this purpose, designed with a curved tip, use it to successfully detect this coveted spot and reach maximum enjoyment


Dildos aren't the only ideal way to locate your G-spot, you can also find other products specially designed for this purpose in sex shops. G-spot vibrators are the most popular.

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How to Stimulate the G spot