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How to stimulate the penis

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to stimulate the penis

In the world of sex, there are erogenous zones that are sometimes neglected, but certainly the penis isn't one of them. This area receives all the attention during sex, where the majority of men's pleasure is experienced. But this doesn't mean that there's a correct way to go about it. Often, women are unaware of the erogenous zones or how to enhance orgasms for their partner, so at we'll give you some useful tips about how to stimulate the penis.

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  1. Know his anatomy
  2. A question of rhythm
  3. Stimulus through masturbation
  4. Oral sex stimulation
  5. Stimulating the testicles
  6. Play with him

Know his anatomy

To learn how to stimulate your guy's penis, you must first know about the most sensitive areas of this erogenous zone . The penile glands, or the head of the penis, is where all the nerves are, so that everything you do to it, if it's done well, will be greatly pleasurable for your partner. Then there's the shaft of the penis, and the testicles which are often overlooked and are one of the most sensitive areas to drive your man wild.

A question of rhythm

Always remember that the penis is very sensitive so that all stimulation should be done carefully. Don't use rough or sudden movements that could harm your partner. Start this time by taking the initiative, undress him and begin to kiss and gently touch his penis. Set the pace based on how your partner reacts and the excitement of the moment, as he becomes more turned on.

Stimulus through masturbation

Masturbating your partner well is almost an art. Hold the penis with your whole hand, don't be too rough, or go too fast, and always keep the area well lubricated. A good way to know how your guy likes it is to have him masturbate while you watch. You'll see what turns him on, as well as creating a sexy and and tantalising mood. This step is very important for foreplay because you'll bring him to the limits of ecstasy.

Oral sex stimulation

Oral sex allows you to stimulate the penile glans in a unique way and is generally one of the most popular parts of foreplay that men adore. While performing it, you're also lubricating the penis. But be very careful and gentle, don't use your teeth or sudden movements, play around using your tongue and use your hand, to a maintain a good rhythm. Combining oral sex with masturbation is the best way to stimulate the penis and to guarantee the maximum pleasure of your partner.

Stimulating the testicles

As we mentioned above, women who discover and focus on this part of the male body have all the power in their hands. They can arouse and bring their man to climax because this erogenous zone is highly pleasurable. Stroke them during oral sex and kiss them softly to drive him crazy.

Play with him

Don't use your man like a toy, but as a complement to your own pleasure. A great way to stimulate the penis is to masturbate yourself with it and use it to stimulate your clitoris. Rub it around the lips of your vagina without putting it inside and then touch your breasts with it. Rub different areas of your bodies with it that give you both pleasure and you'll be amazed to see how your partner enjoys this practice.

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  • At we offer some basic tips, but it's important to explore together with your partner and learn what he likes most
  • Make the next sexual encounter truly unforgettable for your guy and dedicate yourself to stimulating his penis like never before. It's a perfect opportunity to learn which techniques drive him wild
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How to stimulate the penis