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How to Stimulate the Clitoris

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: September 4, 2017
How to Stimulate the Clitoris

The clitoris is one of the most important parts of the female body when it comes to enhancing pleasure, and ignoring it makes a big difference and could be the reason why a girl reaches orgasm or not. Therefore, it is important to know how you can get the most enjoyment from it, either alone or with a partner. That's why we give you some tips on how to stimulate the clitoris.

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Steps to follow:


The clitoris is a weapon of sexual arousal, but it is also extremely sensitive and delicate because of all the nerve endings contained in this area. This should not be forgotten when stimulating it, especially when you are a couple - always remember this little detail.

Anatomy of a clitoris

Before we go into further detail on how to stimulate a clitoris, it's important to know everything you can about it. The clitoris is a fundamental point within the female sexual anatomy, because it is the area that brings together the greatest number of nerve endings (up to 8,000 nervous terminations), so when properly stimulated it can lead to great excitement and subsequent orgasm.

During masturbation the clitoris plays a leading role, but during sexual intercourse it can be relegated if aspects such as foreplay stimulation or sexual games, postures that generate friction in the clitoris and physical or verbal cues that can increase stimulation and lead to climax.

The clitoris that you may see on the top part of the vagina is just the tip of the iceberg, as most of the nervous terminations are found within the vagina's skin, creating a shape such as the one seen in the picture below, which runs inside the mons pubis, located on the area of the pubis where the vaginal lips and pubic hair are. Therefore, the clitoris is much bigger than you think and can be stimulated in many ways.

How to Stimulate the Clitoris - Step 1

When sex begins, you should never go directly to the clitoris. It's advisable to begin with other erogenous zones, by giving pleasure at different points. When you feel that your girl is excited, move on to the next level of pleasure. The vagina needs natural lubrication, which is why rubbing the clitoris before the girl starts lubricating can cause nasty rubbing and may not excite a girl at all.

How to Stimulate the Clitoris - Step 2

Oral sex is a great way to start to stimulate the clitoris. Start slowly, with delicate and soft licks. Once the excitement increases, you can massage the area a little harder with the central part of your tongue and even suck gently. To stimulate circulation, very gentle taps are recommended with the tips of your fingers. Some women enjoy this, others don't, so give it a try.


Manual stimulation is also welcome, but the vagina must be lubricated. Some guys prefer to alternate oral sex with manual stimulation. This is a great idea. Do it but always remember to be delicate. It is not very reco mmended to use saliva as lubricant, which is why we advise you to purchase a water-based lubricant, especially if the woman suffers from vaginal dryness.

You can also stimulate the mons pubis area (described above) with your fingers gently and in circular movements.


Some sexual positions stimulate the clitoris or allow it to be stimulated manually, such as when the girl sits on the man. This position allows him to touch the area or to touch herself. The so-called g-spot are basically interior terminations of the clitoris. You will notice it is a spongy part inside her vagina. Press and rub gently, increasing the intensity slowly.


From behind there are also many ways to stimulate the clitoris. One of the most exciting positions is doggy-style. If you want to drive her crazy, pull out your penis and start to perform oral sex in this position, stimulate her clitoris and play with her anus. This will take her to the summit of pleasure.

How to Stimulate the Clitoris - Step 6

These tips work wonders in most cases. However, both sexes should feel comfortable experimenting. At the begginning, some taboos or bad experiences could prevent full enjoyment of sex, remember that the key is to open your mind and welcome the pleasure.

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  • If you're a girl, let your partner try these techniques and devote yourself to enjoying it.
  • If you're a guy, do not be afraid to try these techniques with your girl, you will take her to the height of pleasure.
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Very slowly and methodically. Massage sex helps. Turn her 90 deg. Stand by the bed between her legs. massage ever so gently. slowly - everywhere! (very slowly enter her. Stop, some oral and continue. Did I say go slow?
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Best to move at the pace which feels best for you or the other person. This will depend on the moment.
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I think all women like to have their clitoris played with differently, or the way THEY LIKE IT. You have to teach your partner how you want it done correctly. And IF your with a man who's penis is SMALL and you sit on his penis during sex you can NOT FEEL IT deep enough to help stimulate your G-spot area, or at least I can't so that is MY LEAST favorite position. I say just keep working at it until you get it right or at least keep trying, either way, have FUN. SEX is one of the BEST THINGS IN LIFE!!!
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How to Stimulate the Clitoris