How to stimulate a penis glans

By Mary Smith. Updated: August 29, 2017
How to stimulate a penis glans

The glans is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis. They are at the tip or head of the penis, and if they're properly stimulated, they produce a great deal of pleasure for the man. If you want to increase your man's pleasure in privacy, and enhance his sensations, then don't neglect this part of the phallus. Not sure where to start? At we'll explain how to stimulate a penis glans and ensure that both partners enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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Steps to follow:

Stimulation of the penile glans is highly enjoyable for men because they contain a significant number of nerve endings which are highly sensitive and if properly handled, can bring your guy to the peak of pleasure.


To begin, you can start stimulation with masturbation. Masturbate your guy as you usually do, focusing on rhythm and gentleness.

Apply some lubricant to your hands to enhance their softness and pleasure, and firmly grip the penis with one hand, while with the other, begin to rub the glans in a gentle, circular motion. Periodically change the direction and alternate with masturbation, and you'll drive him absolutely crazy.


Putting a little pressure on the glans with your hands is very enjoyable for men, but it must always be done very gently.

Make a ring with your thumb and index finger and slide it up and down your guy's penis, starting at the tip with your fingers slightly more closed to produce more pressure. As you reach the base of the phallus, loosen your fingers slightly. Move back up the penis and repeat the process, taking a few seconds to lightly press the glans, where he'll feel immense pleasure.


Continue with masturbating and stimulating the glans, a favourite combination. Apply some lubricant to the palm of your hand and start to masturbate your guy up and down without touching the glans, making an effort to keep your hands away from the head and causing him pure, but delightful torture. When you start to see the glans swells a little and takes on a reddish colour, then, with the palm of the hand fully open, massage the head in a circular motion like you're opening a door. This will cause him intense pleasure.

How to stimulate a penis glans - Step 4

When performing oral sex, give special attention to the glans, gently sucking, licking and kissing but always taking care not to use your teeth, so you don't harm or cause your guy any discomfort. Go down the shaft of the penis, licking and stimulating the testicles and then work your way up to the glans again.

Try these tips and make your partner enjoy the ultimate pleasurable experience.

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Very nice
There is a masturbation exercise that includes massaging only the head of the penis by the palm also. This technique is called penis ballooning it helps also to prevent premature ejaculation in men.
Dave S
Some guys, like me, are more sensitive on one side (the left lower rear edge of the penis head, in my case) than the other. Ask him where his spot is, and then gently lick or rub it.
same here, but rubbing makes me go crazy, honestly its just overwhelming
How to stimulate a penis glans
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How to stimulate a penis glans

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