How to Tell if a Girl Is Honest

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Tell if a Girl Is Honest

To find out if a girl is being sincere you need to be very observant. The simplest way to detect this behavior is through body language, gestures and postures. A series of signs will indicate if a girl is telling you the truth. Whatever your relationship may be with a woman who has this tendency, you should know if she is lying or not so you can put measures in place as soon as possible. will explain how to tell if a girl is honest.

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The best way of detecting insincerity is through gestures. These can be revealed to anyone. Gestures express emotions, attitudes and feelings. Gestures are conscious or unconscious and tell the truth about what you are thinking or feeling. If you want to tell if a girl is honest, look carefully at some of the following signs.


These are some of the signs that may indicate if a girl is being insincere. For example, if a woman covers her mouth when she is speaking, breathes really quickly, and if she continually looks away, these can be signs that she is avoiding telling the truth. The fact that she never makes eye contact with you while talking or, in particular, keeps looking down while talking, are signs that she is telling you a lie that will deceive you.


There are more gestures that betray when a woman is lying, including if she blinks excessively, constantly rubs her hands together, changes position a lot, raises the tone of her voice or if she seems nervous and uncomfortable. These are signs that indicate this girl is not telling the truth. Her reactions say a lot about her intentions. A woman's body language is therefore very limited and rigid. Usually, all hand, arm and leg movements are pointed towards her own body.


Other ways of telling if a woman is not sincere include, for example, when you find inconsistencies during an argument. A liar will have a habit of telling stories and won't remember the details exactly, or will simply mix up facts. If you pay attention, you will notice the amount of lies she is telling you, with some time and patience. An unequivocal sign of lying is when you ask a question and it is answered with another question. Changing the subject is a way of finding time to search for the best answer or the most ingenious lie.

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A woman who is insincere shows guilty feelings and also becomes defensive sometimes. Often, when you tell her off, she will avoid you, turn her head away, or even move her whole body. The clearest sign that a girl is lying to you is if you ask her and she refuses to answer. It's not that she is doing anything intriguing or dragging her heels. She is protecting herself to hide the truth.


At the end of the day, you need to be realistic and if you spend time with a person who lies to you, whether they're a man or a woman, it can only lead to problems. A relationship based on deception will only cause mistrust, doubt and ultimately, a terrible uneasiness that destroys communication between people.

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My partner suffers with anxiety, depression and is a introvert and does nearly all of these things when we are having 'a talk' - we've had some issues in the past and i do ask some direct and indirect questions but these things seem very present..all of them in fact bar maybe one or two. Does this mean she is lying to me?
How to Tell if a Girl Is Honest
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How to Tell if a Girl Is Honest

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