Tips for dating an Indian Woman for foreigners

By Sara . Updated: March 30, 2017
Tips for dating an Indian Woman for foreigners

The dusky skin, kajal rimmed big eyes and long, gorgeous hair with the touch of ideals and values makes the Indian women one of the most desirable dates. Non-Indian men who date Indian women often face situations when their words or actions are interpreted in a wrong way. This is because they are not much acquainted with the likes and dislikes of Indian women. So, here are some tips for dating an Indian Woman for foreigners.

Family love

For every Indian girl her family comes first. She loves her parents and respects them. Opinions of family members play a very important role in her decision making. So, never ever show any disrespect towards her parents. Remember if her parents like you then you have already won half her heart.

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Tips for dating an Indian Woman for foreigners - Family love


An Indian woman values her ideals very much and she would never like a male who disrespects her or makes fun of her ideals and values. Respect for the opposite sex is a must needed quality she would like to see in her partner.

Patience is the key

While dating an Indian woman, one thing you will need in abundance is patience. Indian girls like to take their own sweet time when it comes to dating. So, if you like an Indian girl, at first be her friend and when she is comfortable with your company then only talk to her about dating and love.

Get accustomed to customs

India is the land of festivals and each festival has their own customs and traditions. So, if you are accustomed to an Indian girl's festivals and customs then you are certainly getting a point in the compatibility factor.

Tips for dating an Indian Woman for foreigners - Get accustomed to customs

First Date

The first date for an Indian woman is a big affair. It is the first step of defining the entire relationship. Dating need not be lavish and ornate. You can take her to a movie or for a walk or just have a coffee with her at a quiet location. But with some girls you might earn brownie points with a lavish date.


Indian girls are naturally a quite shy creature. She would like public displays of affection but only to a certain limit. Holding hands and little pecks on cheeks in public view is okay. But full on French kissing or anything more than that is a big no no. Nowadays, modern Indian women are pushing their boundaries. So, you may ask her beforehand what she may like or dislike in case of PDA.

Tips for dating an Indian Woman for foreigners - PDA


Like every other girl, Indian girls too like well groomed men. It is a basic requisite for dating. So, before you go out for a date, invest some time in grooming yourself.


Usually there are very few Indian women who are comfortable with pre-marital sex. Pre-marital sex is a strict "no" according to Indian customs. So, you may need to work your way to actually convince an Indian girl to have sex before marriage.

Love for spices

Modern Indian women now look forward to maintaining a healthy body and mind by having healthy foods. But once in a while she would love to indulge in a rich spicy Indian meal. An Indian woman will always be in love with her spices. So, if you are planning on winning her love over a meal, try giving the meal the spicy Indian touch.

Tips for dating an Indian Woman for foreigners - Love for spices

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Tips for dating an Indian Woman for foreigners
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Tips for dating an Indian Woman for foreigners

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