The Best Sex Positions for a Quickie

By Mary Smith. Updated: July 12, 2017
The Best Sex Positions for a Quickie

It's not always possible to plan sex. Especially when you are a new couple and insinuating any simple gesture or movement can trigger your passion. When you are in a rush and unable to fight your desire, you'll have to embrace the well-known and well-loved "quickie". Many people confess that this kind of sex is one of the best. Both partners cannot contain their urge so although the sex is short, it is very pleasurable. Even for women who often struggle to orgasm. OneHOWTO want to advise you on the best sex positions for a quickie, so next time you'll be ready and know exactly what to do.


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Chair sex

You have to go out, it is not the time for sex, but you were playing with each other and want to do it. You haven't got much time, so why not have a quickie? The first of our quickie positions involves sex sitting down. This position is perfect, you both only have to pull down your trousers and underwear. The woman sits on the man from behind, a very erotic posture that allows for fantastic penetration, perfect to perform on a sofa or even on the stairs. To make it even better, the female should unhook her bra and let her partner caress her breasts.

The Best Sex Positions for a Quickie - Chair sex

Standing quickie positions

There's nothing sexier than a guy who puts his partner against the wall in a fit of passion. In this sex position, the female doesn't need to climb up her man, holding one leg up is enough, and it can be done anywhere against a wall. Sometimes the riskier, the better. A tad of mischief now and then does no harm. Here are some ideas for the best places to have sex at home.

The Best Sex Positions for a Quickie - Standing quickie positions

Counter sex

Having sex at your friend's home is fun. A party even better. You've had a few drinks, had some kissing and a bit of touching, and now you're both too excited to stop yourselves. In the moment you think the obvious: let's go to the bathroom. The unexpectedness and trying to keep quiet will only intensify the thrill and pleasure. This position is perfect for the woman to lean on the toilet or sink, but be careful not to break anything! This popular quickie position is also perfect for when you and your partner need to blow off some steam in the kitchen. The woman sits on the counter or table and then they both commence their fun. Make sure you have removed any sharp silverware!

The Best Sex Positions for a Quickie - Counter sex

Intimate straddling

Swimming pools or the beach have something about them that is really difficult to put your finger on, but that really turn us on. Maybe it's the lack of clothing, the water or the sun, but the truth is that these environments always made you want to have a quickie. Number four of our quickie positions is perfect for some seaside sex, using the rolling waves to hide what you're doing. It may get a little slippery, and you will need to have some good strength, but the experience will be like no other.

The Best Sex Positions for a Quickie - Intimate straddling

The 'Anvil' sex position

The car is an obvious place for a quickie, and for decades it has been the favourite of couples who want to have a "quickie" with some privacy. The Anvil is a perfect position to do it in your car. The angle allows for deep penetration, speeding up the process of reaching climax for both man and woman. It also allows the man to reach the woman's g-spot. A win-win for both! The first of our quickie positions also works for the back seat of your car, if you dare for a risky and exhilirating adventure.

The Best Sex Positions for a Quickie - The 'Anvil' sex position

More quickie positions

The possibilities are endless when it comes to quickie positions and where to have them. Here are a few to get you motivated and inspired:

Edge of the bed

This is another classic that you can do quickly with your partner. The woman lies on the bed but with her legs hanging off the edge, ready for her partner to hold them. It's fun, easy and a great position for a first time quickie. Ease yourself in - there is plenty of time for more elaborate quickie positions!

Morning quickie

Either the man or woman can initiate this and continue once you are sure they consent. Wake your partner up with the sensation of your mouth between their legs. Once they are fully awake, climb on top of them to have some kisses prior to penetration. It's up to you what position suits but the instigator should remain on top. There's nothing more satisfying and mood-boosting than a morning quickie!

Shower sex

Call your partner into the room while you're having a shower and invite them to join. For women, you should lather up a part of your body your man is particularly into. It will drive him crazy. A variety of the standing position would be apt for some hot shower sex. You'll start your day off in a good mood and extra clean.

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  • The mixture of desire, risk and adrenaline make quickie sex a sexy and fun experience for the couple.
  • Explore together and occasionally enjoy spontaneous sex, you'll both love it.

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The Best Sex Positions for a Quickie
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The Best Sex Positions for a Quickie

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