Party Games For Adults: Large Group

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 11, 2019
Party Games For Adults: Large Group

Are you organizing a party for adults and want to spice it up a little? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Instead of playing games like limbo or monopoly, why don’t you try add some heat to your evening. From truth and dare for adults to spin the bottle, we’ve collected some great sexy options for you and your friends.

Are you looking for some hot games to play for adults ONLY? Keep reading our OneHOWTO list and discover some sensual ideas for games to play with your friends. Not only are they easy to play, but they’re fun too!

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  1. Party game for adults: spin the bottle
  2. Hot adult games for parties: ‘Ice ice baby’
  3. Party games for adults only : belly shots
  4. Games for adults ONLY: tickling
  5. Party games for adults: Truth or dare

Party game for adults: spin the bottle

Yes, we know, you’ve probably heard of this game before or even played it as a curious teenager, but there’s a reason spin the bottle is so popular!

We think this is a great game to play when you’re an adult, what’s more exciting than a little sexy kiss here and there? In addition, if you’re playing this game with close friends, it’s a fun way of challenging intimacy and breaking boundaries.

But, how do you play spin the bottle? It’s easy, follow these simple steps:

  1. Everyone sit on the floor in a circle.
  2. Place an empty bottle (wine, beer, water bottle) in the middle lying side down.
  3. One person starts and spins the bottle.
  4. Whoever the person lands facing, the person who spun the bottle kisses them.
  5. The next person who spins is the person who just got kissed.

Kisses can be stipulated from the beginning, that is; how long they last, w with or without tongue, and so on. You can also add some other tasks, for example, ‘spin the bottle, take a piece of clothing off.’ Establish the rules beforehand and make sure everybody is clear, you can even add some drinking into the game, every spin you take a sip of your drink etc.

For more game ideas, we recommend reading DIY party games for adults.

Party Games For Adults: Large Group - Party game for adults: spin the bottle

Hot adult games for parties: ‘Ice ice baby’

Let’s continue with some classic sexy adult games for parties. This game is usually played in nightclubs, but there’s no reason you can’t also play it from the comfort of your own home or private space!

To start this game, we suggest first making sure everyone has a drink in their hand. Play some good music to up the vibe and let’s get started:

  1. Everyone make a circle.
  2. Start dancing in the circle to the music.
  3. One person starts with and ice-cub in their mouth and then passes is to the person next to them, always moving to the music.
  4. Dancing and moving in the circle will add some fun difficulty to the game.
  5. As it passes from mouth to mouth, the ice will get smaller and, in the end, there will be two people who will experience less ice and more tongue!

The objective of the game is to prevent the ice from falling. If the ice does fall, someone needs to ‘pay’ for it. You can decide what their fate will be, taking off a piece of clothing or having a shot are just a couple of ideas.

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Party Games For Adults: Large Group - Hot adult games for parties: ‘Ice ice baby’

Party games for adults only : belly shots

Looking for a great erotic game to play for adults? Then this is the game for you! The game consists of a person lying on the sofa or on the floor, lifting his/her shirt and filling his/her belly button with some alcohol: vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, etc.

Quick tip: we recommend that before starting this game, the person lying down washes their bellybutton well! Once ready, follow these steps:

  • A person lies on the floor exposing their belly button.
  • Someone should lightly fill his/her bellybutton with an alcohol of choice.
  • Another member of the group should drink the alcohol from the belly, preventing it from falling or spilling.
  • When this couple finishes, they can change shifts.

The objective of this game is that the drinker does not waste a single drop of the alcohol. What’s the most effective way of doing this? You tell us! If this objective is not achieved, the participant is disqualified or forced to "pay" for his/her error. What’s this payment? You decide.

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Party Games For Adults: Large Group - Party games for adults only : belly shots

Games for adults ONLY: tickling

For this fun adult drinking game, let’s start with everyone sitting around the table with drink in hand. All participants seated at the table should be covered with a sheet or cloth so that their hands are hidden.


  • While everyone is sitting around the table, another participant must stand under the table.
  • This person should be completely hidden so that no one can see them. They should have the freedom and consent to tickle and stroke whoever is playing (make sure everyone consents beforehand).
  • The people at the table cannot laugh, smile, or make any facial expression. They have to remain completely neutral especially when being tickled.
  • In the case that someone laughs or smiles, they have to have a drink and swap with the person under the table.

This is a fun game that combines some erotic touch with laughs, why wouldn’t you want to try it out?

Party Games For Adults: Large Group - Games for adults ONLY: tickling

Party games for adults: Truth or dare

The great thing is about truth or dare is that it is a game that can be modified depending on who, when and where it is played. In this case, we’re listing some of our best truth and dare questions for adults, expect some spice!

If you’ve never played truth or dare before, don’t worry, it’s easy! This game is very simple: one person has to ask another person in the group an intimate question. This contestant will be obliged to respond (sincerely) or, if he/she doesn’t want to, they have to be dared to do something, they can choose!

Here are some ideas of hot, fun and sexy truth and dare questions to ask:

  • Have you had sex with more than one person at the same time?
  • Have you had erotic fantasies about anyone that is in this room right now?
  • Have you made love in a public place?
  • Have you wanted to sleep with someone of your same gender?
  • Is there anyone in this room, besides your partner, that you would like to have sex with?
  • How old were you when you lost your virginity?
  • Who’s the hottest person at your work?
  • What’s your top fantasy?
  • What’s your favorite sex toy?

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Party Games For Adults: Large Group